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Missouri Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare Selects Netsmart as Health Homes Technology Partner

Netsmart care coordination and population health solutions to facilitate integrated care

Washington, D.C., Oct. 26, 2015 – The Missouri Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare has selected Netsmart and its CareManager™ care coordination technology platform to support the

industry-leading work of Missouri Healthcare Home teams. The announcement was made at the Netsmart CONNECTIONS2015 client conference near Washington, D.C.

The Coalition and Netsmart will collaborate to build proven best practices and automated real-time views into the behavioral and physical health measures of individuals, and the overall population served by the Healthcare Homes. Several Coalition member community mental health centers (CMHCs) will use the CareManager solution to manage their Health Home populations during the initial rollout.

The partnership also includes aggregating clinical and claims data to provide perspective into the total health of an individual and the population, using detailed risk stratification and population health monitoring.

“Netsmart has proven experience as the technology partner for Health Home initiatives in a number of states,” said Brent McGinty, president and CEO, Missouri Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare. “With their help, we look forward to even better care coordination and additional cost savings as we fulfill our mission of maximizing human potential and quality of life.”

The Netsmart CareManager solution is used in behavioral health-centered care coordination models in Alabama, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Tennessee and Washington.

By integrating primary care and behavioral health, Health Homes seek to improve both the quality of care and health outcomes. The Missouri Dept. of Mental Health (DMH) collaborated with the MO Healthnet Medicaid system and several other partners, including the Coalition, to establish the highly successful Missouri Community Mental Health Center Health Home Program.

“Providing integrated, coordinated care to this high-risk population with a significant rate of co-occurring mental illness and chronic health conditions is essential,” said Mike Valentine, CEO, Netsmart. “We look forward to collaborating with the Coalition to digitize the best practices they have developed and further the tangible clinical and operational results from this excellent initiative.”

The Missouri Community Mental Health Center Health Home Program was named a 2015 Gold Achievement Award winner by the American Psychiatric Association. Significant first-year results include a more than 9 percent reduction in clients with more than one hospitalization, and a $98 per-member-per-month (PMPM) reduction in health care costs. This led to $31 million in Medicaid savings and significantly improved clinical health outcomes for beneficiaries with behavioral health disorders. These savings are primarily attributed to reductions in hospitalizations and emergency room visits.

About the Missouri Coalition

The Missouri Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare (formerly Missouri Coalition of Community Mental Health Centers), founded in 1978, represents Missouri’s not-for-profit community mental health centers, as well as alcohol and addiction treatment agencies, affiliated community psychiatric rehabilitation service providers, and a clinical call center. Thirty-three member agencies staffed with more than 9,500 caring and qualified staff annually provide treatment and support services to approximately 250,000 clients.

About Netsmart

Netsmart is healthcare’s largest post-acute EHR provider, and is committed to helping health and human services providers deliver coordinated, integrated, outcomes-based services and care. Netsmart serves more than 20,000 clients across all 50 states, resulting in approximately 450,000 users of its software and technology solutions. Netsmart clients include mental health and addiction services agencies, health homes, psychiatric hospitals, private and group mental health practices, public health departments, social services and child and family services agencies, managed care organizations, and vital records offices.

Netsmart’s CareFabric™, a framework of innovative clinical and business solutions and services, supports integrated, coordinated delivery of health services across the spectrum of care.

Netsmart’s HIT Value Model™, a vendor-agnostic planning and measurement system, provides a path for health and human services organizations to evaluate where on the healthcare IT spectrum they should focus their efforts, the value associated with that strategic decision and a comparison with peer organizations nationwide.

Netsmart is pleased to support the EveryDay Matters Foundation, which was established for behavioral and public health organizations to learn from each other and share their causes and stories. For more information, visit

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