Don´t Wait! Prepare For the ICD-10 Change Now

Don´t wait until the last minute to upgrade your CareRecord (EHR) for the upcoming ICD-10 change. To get ready:

  1. Review of internal processes and systems to identify anywhere ICD-10 Codes are used, including client billing, claims process, documentation, etc.
  2. Determine approach for managing transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 within your internal processes and systems.
  3. Update any software that documents and/or transmits diagnosis or inpatient procedures. (If you have one of our CareRecords, call your Client Alignment Executive as soon as possible to get the new codes added to your technology.)
  4. Provide end-user training on the new code the top 50 diagnosis codes and focus training on those areas.
  5. ICD-10 provides ability to document at a greater granularity, but make sure your documentation supports the codes used. Review current documentation standards to ensure they capture supporting details.

We´re Your Partner In This Change

We will provide our clients the tools to identify the impacted site modeled forms, advanced billing rules and Crystal Reports (myAvatar™). We will be publishing a list of all standard interfaces and reports to be updated as part of the standard maintenance. As part of this, clients will be required to update site-modeled and forms and table aliasing. If you want to do this on your own, we will provide instructions. If you want help, we can do that too…it´s managed outside the standard ICD-10 upgrade. Lastly, we´ll provide you reports to identify open episodes at the time of the cut-over.