Value-based Care

Less Pain, More Gain: Leading A Cost-Saving Plan With Provider-Driven Outcomes

How can providers and payers jointly develop Value-Based Reimbursement (VBR) initiatives that are truly a win-win? Collaboration occurs when two or more work together for a common purpose. How often is that really true in a value-based reimbursement world? Payers, are you limiting your focus to easy-to-access claims-based measures? Are you including the added value of social determinants of health that can improve the selection of interventions that can result in real improvements? Providers, are you tired of the experience being thrust upon you in the name of payment reform but little true rewards for your consumers and your bottom line?

This in-depth webinar recording will guide both payers and providers in how to achieve the Triple Aim and overcome some of the common barriers in earning the anticipated rewards through a successful value-based program. Understand how social determinants of health can help pinpoint interventions that will “move the needle” on consumer outcome improvement. Learn how technology supports can extend your program outside of the traditional tools and result in a win-win-win for payers, providers and consumers.

In this on-demand webinar, Deb Adler, senior associate, OPEN MINDS, and Kevin Scalia, executive vice president, corporate development, Netsmart will provide a look into

  • How social determinants of health can best inform value-based reimbursement success
  • How technology supports can facilitate value-based reimbursement achievement
  • Lessons learned and best practices in payer/provider VBR collaborations
  • Two case studies (one Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and one Behavioral Health) that illustrate “best practice” provider/payer collaboration

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