Value-based Care

Next Level Value-based Care: Assuming Risk and Improving ROI

Risk is inherent in the move to value-based care. Organizations that manage consumers with comorbidities across the traditional dividing lines between physical health and human services must capture data and quality metrics. But is that enough to know the risk you’re assuming?  

According to the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) and the Workforce Training Program, capturing data is just the beginning. If your organization’s goal is to participate in value-based payment models, a comprehensive view of the whole person, including actionable insights, is the new baseline requirement.

For an in-depth look at what’s required, watch this on-demand webinar with two Netsmart associates to understand how to embark on the progression from data to information to knowledge to wisdom (DIKW). Carol Reynolds, executive vice president for client experience and Larry Seltzer, general manager and senior director for CareManager, cover the methods organizations are using to mitigate risk and improve ROI, such as:

  • Stratifying population views to assess consumer needs
  • Providing appropriate services through the use of evidence-based practices
  • Managing outcomes and maximizing incentive payments through the tracking of quality measures

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