Benchmarking & Analytics – Leveraging Data

Beyond Outcomes: Benchmarking in Behavioral Health and Human Services

How helpful would a thermometer be as a measure of your health if you didn’t know that 98.6° was normal? Benchmarking is a powerful management tool that transforms sterile "numbers" into dynamic, actionable information by providing a vital context. In this webinar, the rationale for benchmarking will be described as well as the techniques and methods associated with its implementation. Emphasis will be placed on the important role benchmarking can play in enhancing financial, operational, clinical, and organizational climate effectiveness, particularly in these tumultuous times.

The ability to identify potential best practices and connect with top performers will also be explored. Case examples of performance improvement attributable to benchmarking will be highlighted, demonstrating its potential value to behavioral health and human services providers. Also, a review will be conducted of the state-of-the art, comprehensive benchmarking solution that Netsmart has implemented.

Participants will be provided with all of the details necessary to assess its potential value and applicability to their organization. Attendees will leave with an understanding of:
  1. The rationale and techniques associated with benchmarking
  2. The benefits that behavioral health and human services providers have realized through benchmarking
  3. How benchmarking leads to the identification of best practices and helps providers to learn from one another and top performers 
Speaker: Paul M. Lefkovitz, Ph.D.

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