Part 1: Preparing for Value-based care delivery

Part 2: Population Health Management

Part 3: Building an Interoperability Plan

Part 2: Population Health Management and Ongoing Management of Chronic Illness and Frail Elderly

This educational executive webinar explores evolving strategies being developed to manage high cost populations and cohorts that require ongoing monitoring and management. Population health management programs are being designed to capture data and quality metrics that can be used to track and improve outcomes to maximize incentive payments.

Learn how leading organizations are proactively creating population health programs that integrate with health systems, behavioral health providers, long-term care organizations and home-based providers to deliver coordinated care in the most cost effective location.


Netsmart is focused on providing an integrated technology platform for home care, long-term care and behavioral healthcare as part of our broad community care strategy. The Netsmart platform provides more than an EHR by offering the largest network to connect post-acute organizations with health systems and other community providers. Netsmart provides the first population health management platform for post-acute supporting transitions of care, bundles and value-based payment models.

In 2016, Allscripts Homecare and HealthMEDX solutions joined the Netsmart family. As part of the Netsmart family, these solutions now leverage a robust platform which includes industry-leading EHRs, enables more than 1 million distinct connections, supports more than 24,000 organizations and provides an affordable interoperability network to connect to health system-based EHRs.