New Functionality with TIER 9.0 exe

In addition to more functionality and upgrades, 9.0 exe has an improved implementation process. In an effort to streamline the upgrade process, the SQL scripts have been combined in one executable called the TIER DB Upgrader.  This executable will apply specific scripts based on the version of your current executable.

In addition to the DB upgrader, the executable deployment options have undergone redesign.  For the 9.0 executable, three different choices for deployment to end users are available.  These executables include Crystal run time 11.5, ODBC Driver, Topaz signature, as well as the 9.0 executable.  Refer to the TIER 9.0 Upgrade instructions for information as well as descriptions for applicability.

More TIER 9.0 exe enhancements

  • Update the version the exe uses when exporting grids to Excel
  • Ability to reset TIER screen size and position by starting TIER® with Shift key down
  • Implement monthly tables for Error Log functionality
  • Add support for Microsoft ODBC for SQL Server 2017 and earlier versions
  • Prevent logging into Pre-8.6 exe (non-upgraded databased)
  • Warn about the Tier Lookup Property that uses order clause like ASC, DESC in its IndexFieldNames property when you save a form in TIER Designer
  • Crystal Reports - Change the default behavior of using the report data source (from report properties in TIER®)
  • Excel limits rows on extract

It’s important to note that this version was introduced for TIER’s Meaningful Use Phase 3 certification; this version or higher must be used in conjunction with the MU3 Certification features. Please contact your Client Alignment Executive with questions!

TIER WFS 9.0 Database

The TIER team is proud to release the WFS 9.0 Database. In this feature, the release notes will list the affected version(s) indicating which database version can either accept the release, in cases of new features/maintenance items, or which version has the issues addressed in their release. 

Refer to the TIER® 9.0.0 Database Product Announcement on the WIKI for more information.

3rd Generation Scheduler Enhancements 

Here is a comprehensive list of the new and improved enhancements:

  • Actionable items for opening and adding documents from scheduler
  • Resource Sets
  • Direct key entry to resource selector search
  • Set any status on clients from the scheduler grid
  • Added (Global) to global resource sets in lookups
  • Added status column and hover text in search
  • Adjusted direct id entry to work as expected on specific resource type lookups
  • Added sanity check when loading empty Resource Sets in Scheduler
  • Updated unsaved changes prompt in the Resource Sets editor to be more conforming to TIER® user expectations
  • Updated handling of scheduler forms to prevent an access violation when re-opening a scheduler window
  • Updated the resource selector dialogs to more predictably return results
  • Corrected an error in the Resource Selector window, in the Scheduler’s Find Time search, and in the Scheduler Global Config
  • Corrected an access violation when hovering the mouse over the Scheduler’s time bar when Advanced Office Hours is enabled

We encourage you to refer to the TIER® 9.0 Executable Release Announcement for more Scheduler information!