Product updates

The next major release planned for myUnity is the 9.3.4 release. This release will primarily feature the largest regulatory changes our industry has seen in decades: PDPM.

Be sure to attend the monthly workgroups taking place to prepare for PDPM. Simply join NetsmartCares Events to review all documentation we’ve done in preparation for PDPM.

Features include the list below, and will continue to evolve.

  • Embedded MDS Calculator
  • MDS Item Sets (Admission, IPA & Discharge)
  • Touchscreen Integration for Section GG
  • Enhanced Therapy Integration with 3rd Party (Optima/Casamba) to accept inbound Section GG
  • Reimbursement Rules Update (timing dependent on CMS requirements released)
  • MDS Schedule Association

In addition to focusing on regulatory needs, myUnity® is in final early adopter phase for launching the ability to electronically send outbound Laboratory orders and receive discrete results into the clinical chart.

This feature eliminates the manual effort for floor nurses to fax lab orders, complete a lab requisition and scan in results – one by one!

If you’re interested in participating in the final early adopter phase, please contact your client alignment executive for details.