myAvatar Enterprise Training Program


Q: What is the difference between the Enterprise Training Program and our other training opportunities?

A: Other Netsmart training opportunities are individual courses designed to address the specific needs of one audience and are priced based on the length of the training or the number of participants.

The Enterprise Training Program includes more than 100 unique courses for all your myAvatar users, for one flat fee. Courses are offered for clinical, financial, technical and administrative roles. Here’s a small sample of what is available:

  • Role-based onboarding for new users every two weeks enabling you to provide new hire training that is consistent, effective and based on best practice
  • ExpertExpress which allows qualified users to bypass Level I support
  • Billing training covering best practices for those new to the profession
  • Optimization courses filled with tips and recommended practices
  • On-demand podcasts for clinicians and executives
  • CEUs for clinicians
  • All seven myAvatar certification programs for system administrators
  • Technical workshops for IT professionals
  • Courses on how to configure and use new functionality and CareRecord enhancements
  • Office hours hosted by client mentors, providing the ability to get quick answers to questions instead of having to log support cases
  • Professional development courses on industry tools such as Microsoft Office suite

Q: How much does the Enterprise Training Program cost?

A: The cost of the program is based on your organization’s total number of named myAvatar users. For organizations with 1,000 or less users, the total cost ranges from $1,000 - $15,000 per year. This is for an unlimited number of users to access as many of the 100+ courses as they choose for one full year.

Compare this cost to the following scenarios:

  • You need to get a new system administrator up to speed. (Cost when purchased separately: $1,000)
  • Your system administrator would like to complete the myAvatar Reporting Certification Program. (Cost when purchased separately: $1,500)
  • Your billing department needs two days (16 hours) of training to address challenges they are facing. (Cost when purchased separately: $3,200)

The myAvatar Enterprise Training Program provides the opportunity to avoid these unpredictable and often unplanned expenses while providing ongoing training opportunities for all users at a considerable savings.

Q: Are the courses offered as eLearning or are they instructor led?

A: The full Course Catalog containing course descriptions, dates, times, etc., is available on the Netsmart Wiki which is accessible through the Help menu within myAvatar or by clicking the link on the Documentation & Training page on the NetsmartCares portal.

Once in the Netsmart Wiki, click the Training icon on the homepage, then click Learning Services, then click the 2019 myAvatar Enterprise Training Program Course Catalog link.

If you would like additional information about the benefits of the program, several other resources are also available on the NetsmartCares portal.