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Netsmart is implementing a new support case tracking portal for myUnity clients. The new Case Management/Tracking solution replaces your current method of logging support cases via email, providing a quick, easy and HIPAA-secure method for case entry.

Because this system is user friendly and saves time, we encourage clients to enter their P3 and P4 cases on the portal rather than placing a phone call. However, know that you can still call a case into a Support agent the same way you always have.

This easy-to-use system provides workflow functionality to help you enter cases within the portal anytime, track the progress of your case and communicate with your support agent. The system-generated email workflow provides a convenient way for you to stay informed.

Sending PHI for troubleshooting will also be easier. Instead of using email, which increases your risk of a security breach, the new solution promotes compliance by ensuring your HIPAA data is secured and audited. PHI entered on the portal is stored in secure data records. Each time an agent views PHI, the system creates an audit record to help maintain HIPAA compliance.

Cases will be stored on the portal for historical view. You can search closed cases using keywords to find prior issues or resolutions. All users on the portal will have access to their agency’s cases. This allows any users with portal access to view and update a case if desired.

Look for more information in the coming weeks about registration. Webinars on how to use the new Case Management/Tracking solution will be posted on the Netsmart Cares portal.

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