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Supervisory Visit Tracking Report

The Supervisory Visit Tracking Report helps to ensure that supervising/skilled disciplines complete supervisory visits for supervised disciplines on time by automatically beginning a count each time a supervised discipline performs a first visit with a patient.

The timeframe in which a supervisory visit is required is unique to each discipline and can be configured according to each client’s specific needs. Additionally, the automated supervisory visit prompts will alert supervising disciplines and supervised disciplines when a supervisory visit is due soon, or if a supervisory visit is overdue.

Finally, documenting a supervisory visit is as simple as selecting the appropriate radio button on the clinician’s form during their documentation.

Plan of Care Health Report

The Plan of Care Health report helps the office monitor the timely creation of Plan of Care copy forms.

The Plan of Care Health reports allow the office to identify patients with an SOC, ROC, or Recert assessment, but do not have a Plan of Care copy after that assessment. Additionally, the Plan of Care Health report will keep count of the number of days remaining until an updated Plan of Care needs to be created. That way each patient has a new or updated Plan of Care copy at least every 60 days (per CMS requirements).

Check the Plan of Care Health report regularly to identify the patients for whom you most likely need to create a current or updated Plan of Care copy form.

Enhanced Allergies Check on Medication Profile

The interactions check on the Medication Profile has been enhanced to pull Allergies checks from the Medi-Span database.

Previously, the interactions check pulled Adverse Reactions and Duplicate Medication checks from the Medi-Span database. Moving forward, in addition to the Adverse reactions and Duplicate Medication warnings, Allergies warnings will also pull into the results when users click on the Interactions link on the Medication Profile.

Users can now access more detailed allergy reporting directly from their Medication Profile form during their documentation process.

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