New York state reporting

Track your measures and report to your contracted entities all within your EHR workflow.

Built for value-based care

Gain real-time access to information across different providers and care settings, for insights and analytics that meet all outcome and regulatory requirements.

CCBHC & HCBS approved

Implement a robust platform engineered to meet the needs of PPS-1 and HCBS workflows and billing requirements.

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New York state reporting

Provide users with a more intuitive experience, increase your organization’s compliance with state mandates and decrease the burden on your IT resources. Netsmart offers tools that automate the extraction, testing and submission of files to the state including OASAS, NYSCRI

Behavioral Health Community Overview

Built for value-based care

Payers and healthcare systems are looking to extend bundles and outcomes-based payment models across care settings to take advantage of the benefits offered by whole-person care. Basic automation from an electronic health record just doesn’t cut it when adapting to the enhanced care coordination and reporting needs of these new payment models.

For New York, we've developed the integrated platform that gives you real-time access to information from across different providers and care settings, while providing insights and analytics that meet all outcome and regulatory requirements for value-based care. 

New York providers have tremendous potential to expand their use of technology to optimize virtual care in the wake of COVID-19

The rapidly evolving and unprecedented challenges of COVID-19 are requiring us to think differently as we shape approaches to everything from workforce management to care delivery models. Social distancing, virtual working, self-isolation, and the other CDC recommendations will impact your organization and care delivery, as well as the mental well-being of your clients and staff.

Netsmart has rapidly deployable, HIPAA compliant virtual care solutions that integrate with our Electronic Health Records, as well as stand alone solutions for those without a Netsmart EHR.

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Telehealth Strategies for New York

CCBHC & HCBS approved

New York providers can meet all of their state requirements with one platform designed for the needs of mental health, substance use, I/DD, autism and child and family services.

The Avatar and Evolv platforms contain all assessments and authorizations required for New York state. In addition, Netsmart solutions are built for CCBHC's to meet PPS-1 requirements.

Hear what our clients have to say

“It became clear very quickly that Netsmart was the right partner for our team. Not only do they bring an ONC-certified system to the table, but their team has been heavily involved in health information policy to improve the lives of the people we serve. Our shared mission is to treat the whole person and to drive positive change for our staff, the people we serve and the community.”

— Susan Garnett, CEO of MHMR of Tarrant County (MHMR)


“I’d urge others to expect more from their EHR. Level up what your EHR does is the conversation you need to be having, especially in today's demanding and ever-changing healthcare landscape. That's the conversation leaders had at Metrocare. The 57,000+ individuals we serve expect exceptional care. So why shouldn't we expect exceptional technology to help us serve them. That's why we partnered with Netsmart. We are excited to get a brand new, sophisticated EHR that can do what we couldn't do before and more.”

— Dave Hennessey, CIO of Metrocare

Solutions and services to support New York beyond the EHR


Exchange data electronically with connections to NY RHIOs such as HEALTHeLINK, Rochester RHIO, HEALTHeConnections, HIXNY, HealthlinkNY Bronx RHIO, NYCIG, Healthix and over 50% of healthcare through a single connection point. Leverage the vast, nationwide framework of Carequality to identify where a current client has been, and what care has been provided. Documents can be obtained on-demand, in real-time, both regionally and nationally, all through your EHR workflow.

Key features

  • Incorporates discrete data, including lab results and Health Information Exchange (HIE), from external sources into the workflow and treatment plans for individuals
  • Supports both consent to send and consent to query scenarios for HIEs
  • Supports secure Direct Messaging internally among care team members, as well as externally with large healthcare systems, public health agencies, health information exchanges and laboratories

Key benefits

  • One point of access to connect to the larger healthcare ecosystem
  • Eliminate the exchange of paper clinical documentation through electronical data sharing
  • Reduce costs and improves safety by minimizing redundant or unnecessary treatment during transitions of care
  • Improve care coordination by making the right information available at the right time, to the right providers

CareFabric™ - A comprehensive suite of solutions and services


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