Netsmart is hosting a series of no-cost, online events for the entire month of September!

Each 30-minute webinar will explore methods to streamline your business and reduce operating costs!

Click below on one or all of the no-cost events you would like to attend. If you cannot make it one day, register anyway to receive a recording of the webcast.

Wednesday, 9/3/14
Leveraging Data To Drive Actionable Insights – Bringing Knowledge To The Point Of Action
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BE1 – CarePathways

Bringing just-in-time clinical, financial or operational information to the right person at the right the moment has long been a dream within the health and human services market. The rate of change within the industry has increased allowing this dream to become a reality much sooner than anyone expected.

Join us in learning about how Netsmart has developed tools, resources and services that can help you along the journey. Netsmart is excited to partner with organizations on data-driven approaches that can achieve a return on investment and improved quality of care and help position clients to be much more competitive in the era of accountable care.

Join Vice President of Business Development, Paul M. Duck and Consulting Practice Director, Ian Mamminga for a highly informative session for clients that will include:

  • An overview of industry trends around benchmarking, analytics and dashboards
  • An explanation of why these tools are mission critical to health and human services organizations
  • A quick review of the solutions and services Netsmart has created for its clients to respond to the era of accountable care

Wednesday, 9/10/14
Driving Efficiencies Through Clearing-House Integration – How To Improve "Cash Flow" Utilizing Electronic Data Interchange
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Today’s health providers no longer care for clients episodically, especially with changing federal requirements. Running a successful healthcare organization requires an efficient revenue cycle workflow. With the ever-changing regulations and protocols, strengthening your bottom line and ensuring you have captured all possible cash requires dedicated expertise.

On today’s call, you will learn specific features and benefits of how Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) provides ways to increase your cash collections and decrease your cost of operations.

The specific EDI Exchanges that we will address are:

  • Health Care Eligibility/Benefit Inquiry (270)
  • Health Care Eligibility/Benefit Response (271)
  • Health Care Claim (837)
  • Health Care Claim Response (277)
  • Healthcare Claim Payment/Advice (835)

Wednesday, 9/17/14
No More Avoiding Trapping, Misplacing or Mishandling of Your Content – There’s A Solution To Storing & Retrieving Documents
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Did you know that organizations waste about $2.5 million per year because they cannot find the information they need when they need it?

Filing cabinets, desktop PC folders and sprawling network directories are not effective ways to manage information. The solution to storing and retrieving documents quickly and cost effectively is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. With this type of system you can avoid trapping, misplacing and mishandling your content.

A content ECM solution can enhance information accessibility, promote organized collaboration and secure content in all its forms. These functions are essential as health and human service providers seek to improve efficiency, share knowledge and reduce risk.

In this session, attendees will:

  • Understand how an ECM system can provide value to Health and Human Service providers allowing them to save time and money
  • Identify how an ECM can be integrated with an EHR as well as across various departments such as finance or human resources
  • Discuss how to select the ECM system right for your organization and then hear about implementing, training and using the system to better your organization

Wednesday, 9/24/14
How Plexus™ Cloud Is Enabling Providers To Efficiently Deliver IT Services While Focusing On Providing Care
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BE4 – Plexus™ Cloud

With the changing practices in healthcare, it’s important to recognize business efficiencies that help you streamline patient care. Hosting services allow you to focus on what’s important to you—providing the highest level of care to those you serve.

On today’s call, you will learn specific features and benefits of how Plexus Cloud provides technology solutions to organizations in an efficient manner.

Join Tim Wilks, Technology Executive for Netsmart Plexus Technologies where he will discuss:

  • Plexus Cloud solutions used today
  • Why clients select Plexus Cloud solutions
    • Predictable operational costs
    • Risk mitigation (Data security risk, skills risk, environment risk)
    • Flexible solutions
    • Providing technology solutions with a Healthcare business focus

  • The ROI model

Wednesday, 10/1/14
Saving Time And Money Is Attainable – How To Put eLearning To Work For You
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BE5 – myLearningPointe™

How much time and money are you spending on planning, conducting, and auditing training?

Put eLearning to work for you by leveraging an easy to use platform that brings together technology and the training content your organization needs. Reduce the burden and expense of delivering live training by letting our Learning Management System automatically assign courses and deliver consistent training across your organization.

Join General Manager of Netsmart’s myLearningPointe™, Megan Remy, as she discusses how you can assure your staff is in compliance with clinical and regulatory training requirements by taking advantage of the 400+ courses and hundreds of available CEUs that myLearningPointe offers and how myLearningPointe™ works for help organizations reduce costs, save staff time, and create consistent training programs.