Electronic Health Records, analytical tools, connectivity solutions and much more


Our clinical associates and healthcare IT team work closely with our healthcare solutions development team to provide insights into what providers, administrators and executives need to help them advance the delivery of care. From analytics and telehealth to consumer engagement and clinical mobility, we ensure our healthcare IT solutions meet real needs and address key concerns you face day in and day out.

We embrace the need to continually innovate and improve our healthcare IT offerings. As a result, we’ve reset and raised expectations for human services and post-acute technology. We invest more in research and development each year than any other healthcare technology company in the industry. Above all, we want to help you continue to advance, simplify and improve the delivery of care. 

CareFabric: A comprehensive suite of solutions


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Our healthcare benchmarking tools present comparisons across multiple performance areas, so you can recognize gaps and identify your strengths against similar organizations.

Care Coordination

Our care coordination software solutions support true, person-centered care, so you can track services and treatments for individuals across care settings, reduce duplicate services and simplify care transitions with secure data exchange.


Connectivity and Integration

Technology that supports interoperability allows healthcare providers to embrace the power of networks, so individuals can receive the best, most cost-effective care possible.

Consumer Engagement

Our consumer engagement solutions encompass a broad range of tools to promote partnership and collaboration with individuals and families, helping you build a more consumer-driven healthcare system.

Data Analytics

Our healthcare data analytics platform is easy to use and provides at-a-glance metrics to clinical, financial and operational decision-makers. As a result, you can quickly determine if you achieve organizational goals and drive regulatory compliance. 

Electronic Health Records

Our electronic health records (EHRs) offer workflows and functionality designed to meet the unique needs of the care communities you serve. Because they are purpose-built for human services and post-acute care providers, our EHRs make it easy for clinical, administrative and financial teams to access the information they need. 


Our mobile care delivery solutions offer the functionality you need to support your Electronic Visit Verification requirements. It’s powerful technology that enables Netsmart clients to verify care provider visits for personal or home health care services.


Our mobile EHR technology, connected to the internet or not, allows organizations to document care anywhere, anytime.

Population Health Management

Our population health management solutions help you manage services across providers, track outcomes and simplify reporting. It’s the most powerful, comprehensive set of population health management tools available to organizations providing health and human services and post-acute care.

Telehealth Virtual Network

Our telehealth software creates a virtual connected healthcare community that allows organizations to collaborate across a network of more than 200 million consumers, 600,000 providers and more than 25,000 organizations.