Primary Care Integration Software App: Care Integration from your iPad® or iPhone®

Clients with behavioral health disorders die 25 years earlier than the average person. This is often due to complications with a comorbid physical health condition like hypertension, diabetes, obesity or cardiovascular disease. These conditions are often aggravated through poor health habits like lack of exercise, smoking and substance use. Treating these clients cannot be done by treating just the mind or just the body. For these clients to live healthier lives, we must treat the mind AND the body with primary care integration.

As healthcare shifts towards an integrated model for treating clients, behavioral healthcare providers are now treating more of the physical conditions. We’ve responded to these shifts by releasing the Primary Care Software Solution. With this primary care integration module, the physician has a streamlined touch-centric workflow supporting the complete process of a physical office visit. Physicians can make decisions by viewing the complete health record of a client, both their physical health and behavioral health condition. If a client presents with chest pains, the physician can look back at progress notes and make a decision based on understanding both the diagnostic information collected during the session and information from their anxiety treatment.

Netsmart Offers Primary Care Integration Software for Behavioral Health, Health Homes and substance use facilities

CMS and SAMHSA have both responded to these trends by creating programs around primary care integration and programs for dual eligible. We’re working with many of the clients in these programs, showing improved outcomes for the clients. Integrated care is not just about having a primary care physician co-located in a behavioral health organization. Care processes are changing and the Primary Care Module supports these changes…providing a single integrated view of the client.

The Primary Care Software Module is built on a powerful framework that centralizes the rules and workflows used within an organization and provides connectivity to the CareRecord. This connectivity enables seamless integration of data across all of the solutions.

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