Our Benchmarking Software Solution Turns Healthcare Data Into Knowledge

The digitization of healthcare is accelerating at the speed of thought, bringing with it a rich data set that’s expanding exponentially…everyday. New models of care are challenging us to view healthcare delivery differently. As we deploy new person-centric solutions to engage and educate consumers, the opportunity to leverage your healthcare data has never been greater.

Netsmart's healthcare benchmarking software
    solutions help you understand medical medical analytics and reporting

In addition, you’re being asked to cut budgets and do more with less. With these challenges, providers demand optimal organizational performance. We’ll partner with you to give you the competitive edge, supporting financial survival as well as organizational and clinical excellence.

Netsmart Benchmarking enables your organization to compare Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to similar organizations across the nation and identify your organization’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. Having valuable context allows your organization to prioritize the areas requiring immediate attention. Active benchmarking will not only enhance the quality of care delivered, but you will benefit from operational efficiencies, reduced risk, and healthy financial performance.

No longer will you need to wait for custom reports. Our healthcare benchmarking software solution provides the information you need to make educated decisions, empowering your team to drive change at the point of action.

With the Netsmart Benchmarking software solution, you’ll have access to an extensive set of clinical, operational, and financial benchmarks, and our nationwide benchmarking initiatives cover a wide range of health and human services, including:

  • Mental Health
  • Addiction Services
  • Child and Family Services
  • I/DD
  • Organizational Climate (Staff Satisfaction)
  • Client Satisfaction (Including the AABH survey for Partial Hospital Programs/Intensive Outpatient Programs)

Participating in Netsmart Benchmarking also includes ongoing audio-conferences, newsletters, national learning community webinars, and other opportunities for active mutual support and learning from ‘top performers’.

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