CareThreads Podcast

The Secret Sauce to a Successful EHR Implementation

Wenona Bowen-Palombi, Manager of Healthcare Informatics, Treasure Coast Hospice
Latessa Hinson, Vice President, Netsmart
Tom Herzog, Chief Operating Officer, Netsmart

You could have the greatest software on the face of the earth, but if you don’t have buy-in from people who know what they’re doing, the implementation is going to fail, says Wenona Bowen-Palombi, Manager of Healthcare Informatics at Treasure Coast Hospice.

The secret sauce to a successful EHR implementation is ... people.

In this episode of Netsmart CareThreads,Wenona Bowen-Palombi and Latessa Hinson, Vice President at Netsmart, share insider tips, pitfalls, and best practices of an EHR implementation.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Crucial first steps for providers to think about before implementing a new application
  • How to make sure your implementation starts and stays on track
  • Why relationships and communication are so essential
  • Establishing post-go-live plans for continued success

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