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Passion for Prevention: How one community's actions impacts mental wellness

Passion for Prevention: How one community’s actions impacts mental wellness

Tim DeWeese, Director, Johnson County Mental Health
Tom Herzog, Chief Operating Officer, Netsmart

Law enforcement often comes in contact with individuals who need behavioral health care rather than lawful arrest or incarceration. To provide immediate and appropriate care in these situations, more communities are pairing behavioral health professionals with police officers when responding to a crisis situation. This collaboration works to reduce unnecessary incarceration and emergency department visits by connecting the individual in need to the appropriate support and resources, benefitting and protecting all who are involved. It’s about the right intervention, at the right time, by the right person.

In this episode, I speak with Tim DeWeese, Director at Johnson County Mental Health, about Mobile Crisis Response to assist first responders. We’ll also talk about the “Zero Reasons Why” campaign designed to disrupt youth suicide, and how community engagement can impact our culture’s ongoing mental health conversation.

In this episode, Tim and I discuss:

  • Tim’s professional pride in providing immediate access to care
  • Details about the co responder program and how to start one
  • The youth-led campaign that has reduced youth suicide, even during the pandemic
  • How a positive community response about mental health should look


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