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Netsmart Demonstrates Ways Organizations Can Take Steps Toward True Integration and Mobility at NATCON17

Overland Park, Kan., April 4, 2017 – This week Netsmart, the largest healthcare IT provider solely focused on integrating behavioral health and post-acute care with the rest of healthcare, is showcasing new mobility functionality and solution offerings at the National Council for Behavioral Health Conference (NATCON) in Seattle.

After launching its first disconnected mobile solution more than 12 years ago, Netsmart has continued its leadership in mobility. The latest offering expands its mobile functionality across all devices, including Windows, Android and iOS. By using a high level of encryption, Netsmart clients can securely access client records and document notes and assessments where they deliver care.

“The majority of our clients don’t work in a traditional office or clinical setting, so adaptable technology that allows them to access information where they work was vital in ensuring complete information at the point of care,” said Netsmart CEO Mike Valentine. “Having the ability to use portable technology on a device of choice provides care providers the ability to document in real-time, and, if they don’t have access to an Internet connection, can easily sync that data when they return to the office.”

“The time and cost savings to our staff has been tremendous,” said Rendell Requiro, senior IT solution architect at Telecare. “Previously we had to document our assessments in the field on paper, then input that information into the EHR when we returned. Now it is a seamless process that not only decreases transcription errors, but saves our staff time.”

In addition to its focus on mobility, Netsmart is also showcasing Mental Health Center of Denver’s (MHCD) use of the jointly developed word cloud functionality to bring unstructured clinical data into the structure of the electronic health record (EHR).

MHCD Chief Information Officer Wes Williams, Ph.D., recently gave an example of an individual that had expressed the desire to not live past a specific age, and indicated a birthday, which was several years in the future, as a suicidal trigger.

“Care providers essentially over documented this information in the chart. They also called and emailed all team members to ensure this pivotal information was in the hands of everyone who was treating this person,” Williams said. “However, over the course of several years, the individual changed care teams and the information wasn’t readily accessible in the record. Tragically, on the birthday cited in the original assessment, the person died by suicide.”

Having access to unstructured data within the clinical workflow could have helped mitigate this risk by allowing the clinician to search the individual’s chart for suicide triggers and other high-risk data related to suicidality.

“Netsmart is passionate about connecting all aspects of the healthcare system, including integrating information not traditionally found in an EHR,” said Valentine. “We have been on our interoperability and integration journey with our more than 500,000 users for decades and have seen great success, but we know there is more work to be done and we are thrilled to work alongside our clients to innovate those solutions every day.”

Stop by Netsmart’s booth at NATCON (booth 404) to see a demo of these solutions and more. Or visit to schedule a demo.

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About Netsmart

Netsmart is the largest healthcare IT provider solely focused on integrating behavioral health and post-acute care with the rest of healthcare. Netsmart is passionate about integrating care across all aspects of a community. As a leader in healthcare, we know that healthcare doesn't always happen in a traditional clinical setting so we're committed to working alongside our clients to innovate the most effective and intuitive technology possible. Our clients are strong advocates for those that don't always have a voice, which is why Netsmart is dedicated to leading change within the industry by breaking down barriers to provide a holistic view of each individual.

Our more than 500,000 users in more than 24,000 organizations across the U.S. work together with Netsmart's 1,250 associates to connect communities and information across the care spectrum. Our technology ensures comprehensive data flows between behavioral health; addiction treatment; intellectual and developmental disabilities; child and family services; public health; long-term/post-acute care; home health; hospice; palliative care; private duty and vital records, to ensure providers have consistent and reliable information at their fingertips when it is needed. 

The only thing constant in healthcare is change. Netsmart brings significant expertise working with human services and post-acute care providers, state billing requirements and healthcare technology to these communities. More importantly, we understand the importance of clinical adoption; training and support; regulatory compliance; and the need to connect to the rest of healthcare. Our solutions and services are built with those challenges in mind and are designed to solve them so our clients can focus on what they do best: provide quality care to their communities.

Learn more about how Netsmart is changing the face of healthcare today. Visit, call 1-800-472-5509, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, like us on Facebook or visit us on YouTube

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