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Health Care Transformed: Groundbreaking Model Launched to Drive Health Care IT Value, Improve clinical Outcomes

Health Care IT Value Model provides clear guidance for health care providers

Anaheim, Calif., Oct. 7, 2014 – It’s difficult to take a measurement without a yardstick and it’s hard to get where you’re going without a roadmap. Health and human services and other post-acute providers understand this because they’ve had neither a yardstick to measure the efficiencies gained through the use of information technology (IT) nor a roadmap when they ask, “Where do I go next?”

Acute care providers have some measurement tools, but times have greatly changed. The increased focus on care integration – treating the whole person – requires an all-inconclusive model that accounts for treatment of both the mind and the body. It requires that providers have clear direction on how to leverage available funding. It necessitates that the public be able to assess provider ratings which could indicate the likelihood of better outcomes. Finally, that model is here. The Health Care IT Value Model.

This tool was created with the understanding that our business is not IT. It’s caring for people. Technology enables us to do that well. The Health Care IT Value Model is being provided to both health and human services and post-acute providers as a means to drive standardization and success.” said Netsmart CEO Mike Valentine at Netsmart CONNECTIONS2014, the company’s annual client conference which opened today in Anaheim, Calif  “We feel a real obligation to guide post-acute providers and the larger health care community in general on a value-based journey to technological adoption. When providers asks themselves, ‘We turned something on … but did we make a difference?’ They can answer with an unequivocal ’Yes!’ “”

The vendor-agnostic Health Care IT Value Model allows providers to see how they compare to others, measure their level of health care IT adoption, and get feedback on what could be next and where it could take them as their organization progresses. The model is a strategic roadmap embedded in a snapshot of the health care system, with the client (the person) at the center.

The HIT Value Model encompasses five key aspects of a comprehensive system of care:

·         Providing Care:  Planning for, delivering, and documenting care given

·         Accounting for Care:  Managing claims processing, payment, and revenue generation from intake through remittance

·         Engaging in Care:  Empowering the consumer to engage directly in the care process

·         Informing Care:  Bringing knowledge to bear at the point of action

·         Integrating Care:  Coordinating an integrated and comprehensive care process across all providers of care and maintaining responsibility for the health status of the person

Valentine added, “Effective use of technology by health care providers is a critical means to advance health care quality, safety and improve outcomes. This model is designed to evolve as health care evolves and to be updated as policies change and the needs of populations transform.”

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