Back to School

Tom and his mother, Maxine, walk into their local health department. Back to school time for families in need means not only visits to the local thrift stores to gather backpacks and sweaters, but also a trip to the LHD to ensure their children's immunization are up to date for school.

When Maxine and Tom arrive, Maxine tell the front desk that she doesn't know what immunizations Tom needs. In one click, the front desk assistant is able to query the department's electronic health record database, where she finds Tom's previous immunizations and a listing of those he is supposed to receive before the school year begins.

As the nurse administers the MMR booster, Maxine uses and eSignature pad to sign off on the services. As soon as the shots are complete, the EHR seamlessly sends Tom's updated record to the state registry, ensuring compliance and inventory accuracy.

Maxine and Tom leave with a smile, grateful and relieved that the local health department is a partner.

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