Solutions for Skilled Nursing

Access Charts Anywhere, Ensure Compliance, Enhance Collaboration

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Mobile Access Improves Documentation

Netsmart Long-term Care gives physicians go-anywhere access to the patient chart in an iOS-based app. Physicians can document during rounds, enter or discontinue orders and electronically sign documents when they are not on site.

Role and Event-based Alerts Integrate with Workflow

Custom role and event-based action steps are integrated into your existing workflow processes. Automatic alerts triggered by an advanced monitoring system signal accountable end-users whenever a resident’s clinical or financial condition changes.

Computerized Physician Order Entry

Fully electronic physician order entry increases accuracy and ensures compliance with orders-based electronic medication administration record (eMAR). Reconciliation of some medications is simplified through First Data Bank database, which includes medication details and patient education materials.

Simplified Scheduling and Updates for Therapy

One-click scheduling for physical, occupational and speech therapy activities reduces administrative time. Real-time updates for notes and assessments ensure the care team has instant access to patient information for care plan management.

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