Finance and Billing

Reducing Errors, Supporting the Bottom Line

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Netsmart child and family services software gives you built-in functionality that simplifies the complex claims and accounting processes associated with child and family services.

Improve Billing and Claims Processes

Netsmart child and family services software increases the accuracy of eligibility verification by collecting information prior to or during intake. Claims are automatically created from notes and placement data; appropriate payer rates are based on the individual’s coordination of benefits.

Manage Complex Requirements and Formats

Built-in features help you manage the complex billing requirements for state Medicaid. The system supports multiple claim formats, including UB04, HCFA 1500 and 837 I/P, as well as state, county and education formats.

Simplify Accounting Tasks

The integrated accounts payable feature streamlines payments to subcontractors and supports foster home reimbursement via check or direct deposit. Billing information and financial data are exportable to the general ledger accounting system, providing up-to-date information of your organization’s financial status.

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