Our Software Solutions Commitment for the Addiction Treatment, Management, And Prevention Community

Addiction treatment providers have seen more than their fair share of change. Both the Mental Health and Addiction Parity Act and the Accountable Care Act have placed the disease of addiction on common ground with behavioral and physical healthcare. However, reduced fees for services, and pressures for organizations to merge, have heightened the focus on costs of service and operations. We don’t know what the destination in this ever-changing journey looks like, but we do know the attributes. And, we know that with change comes opportunity. Nearly fifty years of service to this community has made us the largest addiction treatment and opioid management system software provider in the world.

We’re committed to supporting the care you deliver, as well as your focus on recovery and prevention by providing you with the software solutions you need to not only survive but thrive. We have a proven history of aiding inpatient and outpatient treatment of addiction through recovery modeled providers, as well as those providing medication-assisted treatment. Our CareRecords (Netsmart’s term for EHRs), and our software solutions for organizations utilizing a non-Netsmart EHR or EMR, deliver the data required to demonstrate value and measure success in this highly managed environment. Our focus on partnering with you for optimal care delivery and measureable outcomes creates a relationship based on a shared mission. Together, we have one goal.

The objectives for our partnership with addiction treatment providers are simple:

Design and deliver:

Our software solutions meet your needs, ensure consumer safety, and optimize outcomes

Provide access:

The right information…at the right place, and at the right time

Aid resource allocation to care:

Operational tools for your organization…allowing you to focus more on improving lives and less on operations

Continuity of care:

Seamless transitions between our software solutions and service networks

Alumni management:

Helping you manage your community of clients

Most importantly, our relationship with you is bigger than a transaction, more than a support-only relationship. It’s about a common alignment to serve the addiction treatment and prevention community.

For more information on how we are uniquely positioned to partner with your organization in the era of an ever-changing healthcare ecosystem, please contact us.