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The Future Is...

By Netsmart

On the final day of Pride Month, we pause and reflect upon how the support and celebration of diversity this month is shaping the future with top of mind awareness all year-round.

While celebrations looked different this year, not even a pandemic could stop the 50th anniversary of the NYC Pride March which was held virtually last Sunday, June 28. This year’s theme, “The Future Is…” inspired us to check in with a few of our clients who advocate for equality across healthcare for all persons. We asked individuals from Spectrum Health Systems, JCFS Chicago and The Jewish Board to complete “The Future Is…” statement below.

The future is welcoming and affirming. - Spectrum Health Systems Gender Responsiveness Committee

The Future Is…welcoming and affirming.

“The future at Spectrum is beyond accepting and is both welcoming and affirming of individuals in the LGBTQ+ community. There is a recognition of the barriers to care. As a treatment provider, we must align our services to be not just inclusive of all individuals but also to actively seek ongoing education and engagement from the LGBTQ+ community for continuous improvement clinically and organizationally”

This future is possible only with continuous education, training and communication with the LGBTQ+ community. We must continue to listen, better understand and adjust approaches, services and practices to meet the changing needs of the communities we serve. This can only be done with the voices and representation of the LGBTQ+ community in all areas of programming, including trainers, staff and leadership. This encompasses policies and procedures for clinical services and staff, EMR updates and adjusted workflows, staff training, greater staff awareness of LGBTQ+ local and national resources, and increased engagement with LGBTQ+ organizations and events.” – Spectrum Health Systems Gender Responsiveness Committee

The future is queer. - Carly Gusto, JCFS Chicago Employment Specialist and Chair of Qmmunity

 The Future Is…queer.

“The future is queer because there is going to be a time when no one cares if you are gay, straight, bi or trans or what your pronouns are. We will judge each other based on our actions.” – Carly Gusto, JCFS Chicago Employment Specialist and Chair of Qmmunity, a subcommittee of the JCFS Chicago Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The future is change. - The Jewish Board LGBTQ+ Steering Committee

The Future Is…Change.

“The future is Black. The future is transgender. The future is queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, bisexual, pansexual, lesbian, gay and Black. The future is recognizing the intersections of how our histories meet, how one person can hold many identities and many histories, and how these stories shape their lives today and our collective futures tomorrow. The Jewish Board is guided by 145 years of client histories.

Today, these stories become the data that teaches us how to support all New Yorkers in our roles as trauma-informed social services providers, now and in the future. The future is change, and we are proud to be a part of it, one future at a time. Happy LGBTQIA+ Pride month, from The Jewish Board.” – The Jewish Board LGBTQ+ Steering Committee.

Netsmart is grateful to stand (virtually) alongside our clients and partners to empower equality across all of healthcare. Diversity makes us stronger and should be celebrated every month of the year.



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