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50 Ways to Connect with Netsmart and Get the Most Out of NatCon19

By Netsmart

Nationwide industry leaders, experts and influencers will soon be harmonizing in the Music City about the present and future of behavioral healthcare. In recognition of the National Council for Behavioral Health’s 50th anniversary, we’re bringing you 50 ways to connect with Netsmart (booth 417 and 329) and get the most out of NatCon19! Review the list below before we orchestrate in Nashville to share instrumental innovation and synchronize our eclectic efforts.

  1. Discover how Netsmart is paving the way for integrated care.
  2. Considering telehealth services? Identify key clinical and operational strategies to help guide successful telehealth adoption in our client AltaPointe Health’s poster presentation, “Scaling and Launching an Integrated, Results-Focused Telehealth Program.”
  3. Find out how Netsmart is enabling whole-person care and the impacts for value-based care.
  4. Sandra Parker, Chief Medical Officer at AltaPointe, will be in the Netsmart booth 417 Monday from 12:30 – 2:00 p.m.
  5. Explore how an exceptional EHR can deliver more than a paperless system.
  6. Visit the Netsmart myLearningPointe Booth #329 to explore how can your organization can leverage training to increase clinician satisfaction.
  7. Learn how to generate meaningful analytics in mere seconds in one of our interactive demos.
  8. Don’t wait until Monday to start learning! Take advantage of opportunities provided in NatCon19’s Preconference Universities and special events.
  9. Discover how Netsmart solutions provide the means to expand clinical engagement.
  10. Join the Netsmart Peer2Peer Solution Circle presentation, “Improving Lives Through Behavioral Health/Health System Partnerships,” lead by Netsmart senior manager of interoperability, Andy Fosnacht.
  11. Stop by booth 417 to understand the role health IT plays in substance use treatment.
  12. Join hundreds of nationwide Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) instructors for a day of inspiration, education and impact at NatCon19’s free MHFA Instructor Summit.
  13. Chat with the only behavioral health EHR provider to receive electronic emergency department alerts.
  14. Find out which 2019 Black Book awards Netsmart won!
  15. Strive to get outside of your comfort zone at NatCon19. Challenge your perspectives and soak up as much knowledge as possible!
  16. Discover how Netsmart is “doing the interoperable” through our ever-expanding interoperability efforts.
  17. In a mobile world, learn how to take your EHR on the go.
  18. Check out the Netsmart myLearningPointe Booth #329 to uncover how your organization can increase savings.
  19. Dig deeper into how telehealth is expanding access to care.
  20. Interested in learning how to line dance? Learn how from the nation’s best in one of NatCon19’s line dancing demonstrations!
  21. Identify which Netsmart solution has the potential to transform your organization’s care delivery, coordination and efficiencies in an interactive demo.
  22. Drop by and share your thoughts on the reintroduction of the Excellence in Mental Health Act and its potential to expand CCBHCs that are improving access to community-based mental health and addiction treatment services.
  23. Hear a real account of how successful partnerships are initiated and flourish in the Netsmart Peer2Peer Solution Circle presentation, “Improving Lives Through Behavioral Health/Health System Partnerships.”
  24. Did you know Netsmart was named the 2019 number one behavioral health EHR by Black Book awards? Find out what differentiates our solutions and how we’ve earned our clients’ support.
  25. Make the most of NatCon19 by reviewing the complete agenda in advance.
  26. Understand why Netsmart finds value in Black Book’s 2019 unbiased research and how our solutions reflect our clients’ trust and support.
  27. Make it a personal challenge to meet someone new each day at NatCon19!
  28. Hear real accounts of how Netsmart health IT enables integrated care to pave the way for whole-person care.
  29. Discover why we’re passionate about connecting the unconnected pieces across behavioral healthcare.
  30. Learn how interoperability is pivotal to administering whole-person care in the Netsmart Peer2Peer Solution Circle presentation, “Improving Lives Through Behavioral Health/Health System Partnerships.”
  31. Uncover what factors organizations should consider while evaluating telehealth technology partners in our client AltaPointe Health’s poster presentation, “Scaling and Launching an Integrated, Results-Focused Telehealth Program.”
  32. Ready for accurate, relevant and real-time data at your fingertips? Let’s chat about how to make it a reality for your organization at booth 417.
  33. For young leaders under the age of 35, join networking opportunities and discussions about advancing your career in NatCon19’s Young Leaders Program!
  34. Take advantage of the NatCon19 music listening lounge when you need a brief escape. Enjoy the musical stylings of Nashville’s top recorded hits as you decompress.
  35. Discover how Netsmart is helping individuals customize more than their cup of coffee at booth 417!
  36. Print out or save the NatCon19 interactive floor map on your mobile device to ensure you can identify where everything is located (especially booth 417 and 329!).
  37. Learn how Netsmart can help your organization achieve outcomes-based care.
  38. Hoping to improve your organization’s care coordination? Come chat with the 2019 number one care coordination solution!
  39. Explore how your EHR holds the power to increase consumer engagement.
  40. Learn how Netsmart solutions can help overcome the opioid crisis.
  41. Enter to win a free Eco Show simply by visiting the Netsmart booth!
  42. Pay tribute to leaders, innovators and advocates while attending the NatCon19 Awards of Excellence.
  43. Discover how Netsmart is connecting siloed sectors of healthcare through health information exchange in our Peer2Peer Circle presentation, “Improving Lives Through Behavioral Health/Health System Partnerships.”
  44. But first, coffee. The Netsmart café will put some pep in your step while our team starts your day off with interactive discussions.
  45. Explore the NatCon19 Solutions Pavilion to gain inspiration surrounding workplace solutions, health IT products and resources from industry leaders including Netsmart booths 417 and 329.
  46. Curious about how your organization can foster a collaborative relationship with clinicians in an integrated, telehealth setting? Learn more in our client AltaPointe Health’s poster presentation, “Scaling and Launching an Integrated, Results-Focused Telehealth Program.”
  47. At the Netsmart myLearningPointe Booth #329, learn how your organization can capture and leverage more content from industry leaders.
  48. Identify and attend NatCon19 speaker presentations and sessions that are addressing topics that align with your personal interest or organization’s needs.
  49. Avoid a post-lunch food coma and keep discussions going with a pick-me-up from the Netsmart Café!
  50. Welcome NatCon19 with an open mind and willingness to learn to ensure you walk away more inspired and energized.

We look forward to joining over 5,000 attendees on Monday, March 25 in Nashville as nationwide mental health and substance use organizations unite! Travel safely and we’ll see you soon!

To schedule a booth demo with Netsmart at NatCon19, please visit:





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