In the Market for a New [Next] EHR? Five Values to Keep in Mind as You Navigate Your Health Care IT Journey

Using an electronic health record (EHR) is the first step to improved health care for your clients. It also allows organizations to provide efficient, coordinated care.

Fast-evolving legislation and standards require that health care organizations provide better care for less cost – and report on outcomes and meet clinical quality measures. As part of this evolution, providers should calculate the cost of non-implementation (or less than optimal implementation) of an EHR. This assessment is critical in deciding if your organization should be in the market for a new EHR and other supporting care coordination solutions. A quality EHR implementation should have concurrent positive impact on the clinical, operational and financial aspects of your agency.

Industry research shows that more than half of all first-time EHR implementations fail. What’s keeping your organization from becoming a statistic?

In this whitepaper, five key values to keep in mind when determining what software solution provider will become your new (next) strategic partner.

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