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Organizational Leadership, Change Management and Technology Implementation – Is There a Link?

Leading organizational change is vital to your organization at all stages of your business lifecycle, especially as the human services industry constantly evolves. Successful managers are usually good change managers. Whether it’s ensuring a steady succession plan for future leadership, managing process changes during mergers or acquisitions, or identifying and implementing new financial systems, these work processes are handled well by most managers. However, optimizing a newly implemented technology is often misperceived as just a technology problem when it is really a strategic change management initiative.


View this on-demand webinar Organizational Leadership, Change Management and Technology Implementation – Is There a Link? presented by Denny Morrison, PhD, chief clinical officer at Netsmart to hear best practices of health and human services leaders managing change within their organization. You’ll understand the potential ripple effect of changing technology, organizational culture and leadership, and how managing these changes can help you not only create better outcomes for your consumers, but also positively impact how your internal organization operates.


 During this 90-minute executive web briefing, you’ll learn how to:

  • Be aware and agile during the strategic and cultural changes technology acquisition creates
  • Be technologically literate no matter your executive position
  • Harness the potential of technology to create new models of personalized, quality care
  • Proactively have the right people and processes in place for when change does occur
  • Minimize disruptions and empower your team to embrace change

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