Electronic health record solutions and services designed for...

  • health and human services
  • behavioral health
  • public health
  • child and family services
  • home health and hospice
  • addiction treatment
  • intellectual/developmental disabilities
  • substance use

Connecting the Mind, Body & Communities

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CCBHC and Value-Based Payment Models

Discover why you'll need more than an EHR to be ready...and the Netsmart solutions and services that are available now to help you succeed

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CCBHC and Value-Based Payment Models

HIT Value Model

Helping you align IT with corporate strategy for sustainability and success

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Healthcare Information Technology Value Model

Strategies in Value-based Payment Models

Making the transition to value-based payment means sharing risk. Discover how to stratify populations, adapt processes and measure outcomes.

Voice-enable Your CareRecord™

Four-minute demo shows how to reduce transcriptions costs while increasing the accuracy and timeliness of documentation.

Transforming Care: Value-based Payment Models and CCBHCs

Kevin Scalia, Netsmart executive vice president, outlines four decisions that determine how to integrate CCBHCs into planning for value-based payment models.

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