Don’t choose an EHR that accommodates you.

Choose one built for YOU

In the world of healthcare 3.0, everyone wants an electronic health record (EHR). The benefits of EHRs are becoming better known. These include the potential for higher quality care, improved health outcomes and reduced costs. It's a way to make it easier for everyone to be better informed and more involved in the care of their consumers.

But as more EHR vendors enter the market, the landscape feels convoluted and confusing.

"What should I look for in an EHR?"

This is a question all healthcare providers struggle to answer. While every organization is unique, there is a principal answer for all behavioral/mental health and addiction treatment providers: Find an EHR vendor that sees the world through your eyes.


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Behavioral health and addiction treatment providers have different workflow needs than physical care providers.

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Manatee Glens: Choose an EHR Built for You

Wellness & Recovery

Consumer-centered vs. Disease-centered

While a person with mental illness may never be cured, providers help consumers grow beyond their mental illness to lead satisfying, hopeful and contributing lives.

Video! The Recovery Movement
The Recovery Movement
Case study: Mental Health Center of Denver >> Download our Recovery Movement whitepaper >>

Whole-Person Care

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Rethinking the way care is provided, health and human services providers now need the tools to the treat the whole person.