Netsmart Mobility

Primary Care module

The Primary Care Module works with Netsmart’s myAvatar™, TIER® and myEvolv™ CareRecord™ Solutions, with both primary care and behavioral health information residing in the same, integrated CareRecord. The primary care functionality was designed in cooperation with Netsmart clients who are providing integrated services in order to ensure the workflow was intuitive, efficient and robust.

The Primary Care Module is the first and only solution for integrating physical health and behavioral health data into a single EHR.

The functionality is delivered with seamless integration between the CareRecord desktop user interface and iPad-based Primary Care Office Visit workflow. Within the Primary Care Module you can:

  • Document scheduled appointments
  • Begin office visits
  • Track office visit progress
  • Record all details of the office visit with relevant behavioral health information available as part of office visit workflow

As the documentation is completed, an Office Visit Summary and Plan is being created automatically for the treating staff to review and sign-off on upon office visit completion.

The Primary Care module offers a full primary care clinical office visit workflow delivered on an iPad mobile platform and optimized for ease of use and rapid visit completion. The Office Visit workflow includes:

  • Support for medical assistants, nurses and physician/nurse practitioners with coordinated workflow
  • Client demographics
  • Reason for visit(s)
  • History of illness
  • Family medical Hx
  • Patient medical Hx
  • Vitals
  • Allergies
  • Review of symptoms
  • Physical exams
  • Labs & procedures ordering and results support, including physician review
  • eRx
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Risk and complexity calculation
  • Referrals
  • Follow-ups

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