Perceptive: Netsmart’s Document Imaging and Enterprise Content Management Solution Partner

Did you know that according to leading market intelligence research firm IDC, organizations waste up to $2.5 million per year due to their inability to locate and retrieve information?

Filing cabinets, computer folders and sprawling network directories are not effective ways to manage information. Netsmart’s enterprise content management (ECM) solution can help you avoid trapping, misplacing and mishandling your content.

Perceptive Software

Perceptive Software

Our strategic partnership with Perceptive enables us to integrate document imaging and organizational capabilities into our existing CareRecords . However, you do not need to be a Netsmart client to benefit from our document imaging and enterprise content management solution.

What is ECM?

ECM provides a common technology repository for organizational content, making the management, support and sharing of content:

  • Easy
  • Efficient
  • Secure
  • Consistent for all users
  • More visible

Through Perceptive’s document imaging platform you will be able to capture content in various formats (paper, fax, email) from diverse geographic locations. The solution saves time, increases collaboration and strategic prioritization, and enables organizations to better measures successes and determine process improvements.

A few features to highlight:


A secure, central repository is the backbone of our electronic document management system. It lets you grant and revoke individual and group rights to each distinct system function; restrict documents and document types based on a user’s point of access; conceal confidential data while preserving a document’s original integrity; and organize all enterprise information in a secure, central electronic repository.


Our solution includes flexible saved, ad hoc and integrated search options.


Our Document Control Suite allows users at any point in the process to check out the latest version of a document, check in a new version, review a history of revisions, digitally sign the document and more. It also details a document’s chain of custody through powerful auditing capabilities.

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