myLearningPointe is online healthcare training for therapists, psychologist, front desk and billing personall and other medical professionals.

Online Healthcare and General Training Software, Solutions and Tools for your Staff

People are your organization´s greatest asset utilizing online healthcare compliance training. And the best way to empower your employees is by building their knowledge base. While this idea isn´t new, the solution to overcoming the traditional training hurdles is.

Our e-learning solution, myLearningPointe, gives you a single source for training and for tracking learning milestones. It also puts the power of training and learning in the hands of your employees. With more than 400 courses in our e-learning catalog, your employees can take courses they need anytime, anywhere. No more pulling your staff away from their job to attend a sexual harassment or HIPAA class, as an example. And no more organizing healthcare training sessions only to have no one show up. And, since one size doesn´t fit all, the myLearningPointe online training software solution is self-configurable to meet your organization´s specific learning objectives.

myLearningPointe will help you:

  • Improve staff retention and productivity
  • Easily deploy online and traditional classroom courses
  • Achieve greater training compliance
  • Deliver consistency in your learning programs
  • Empower employees to invest in learning
  • Access training 24/7 through our secure hosted environment

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