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Cohen Veterans Network Partners with Netsmart to Transform Behavioral Healthcare Using Integrated Care Technology

Cohen Veterans Network is seeking to set best practice standards using innovative healthcare IT

Overland Park, Kan., Sept. 29, 2016 – Providing free mental healthcare to veterans and their families is an ambitious effort, but Cohen Veterans Network (CVN), which launched in April, isn’t stopping there. CVN is partnering with Netsmart, human services’ largest integrated care technology provider, for systems to enable evidence-based practices, track outcomes and support research to improve mental healthcare.

“It’s not enough to have good intentions,” said Anthony M. Hassan, Ed.D, LCSW, President and CEO of Cohen Veterans Network. “We’re providing veterans and their families with innovative care which utilizes evidence-based treatments, while continually researching ways to improve mental health services. Our partnership with Netsmart allows us to achieve those goals and meet those commitments.”

Approximately 2.6 million men and women have served in the military in the past 14 years of war. Research by the RAND Center estimates that about 20 percent experience some form of post-traumatic stress (PTS) and traumatic brain injury (TBI). Forty percent of returning veterans who suffer from mental health issues do not seek treatment, according to a Mental Health Advisory Team IV study of Iraq War veterans. To meet the need, CVN plans to open 20-25 clinics over the next three to five years. The first five Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinics have opened in New York, Dallas, San Antonio, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, representing a $275 million commitment from Mr. Cohen.

Netsmart’s myEvolv® CareRecord™ (EHR) will help CVN achieve:

  • Consistency in care across multiple agencies

  • Full utilization of evidence-based practices (EBP)

  • Seamless referrals for clients needing additional services

  • Optimization of outreach efforts

“By providing a solid technology platform that strengthens how care and services are delivered, we can help CVN deliver on its admirable goal of providing personalized and evidence-based mental healthcare,” said Netsmart CEO Michael Valentine. “Netsmart and CVN have a shared strategy – to innovate to improve the quality of life for individuals. We’re honored to work alongside them as they seek to heal the wounds of war.”

The partnership between CVN and Netsmart has already yielded an important finding. Early data from shows that more than 30 percent of clients who are being seen at CVN clinics are family members of the veterans. The clinics are treating the entire military family as intended.

About Cohen Veterans Network

CVN seeks to improve the quality of life for veterans, including those from the National Guard and Reserves, and their families. CVN work to strengthen mental health outcomes and complement existing support, with a particular focus on post-traumatic stress. Our vision is to ensure that every veteran and family member is able to obtain access to high-quality, effective care than enables them to lead fulfilling and productive lives.

About Netsmart

Netsmart is healthcare’s largest human services and integrated care technology provider. Netsmart technology platforms and expertise are integral to the delivery of outcomes-based services and care to more than 25 million persons nationwide.

Netsmart serves more than 500,000 users in more than 24,000 organizations across all 50 states. Netsmart client communities include behavioral health; addiction treatment; intellectual and developmental disabilities; child and family services; public health; home health, hospice and palliative care, and private duty; and vital records.

Netsmart’s CareFabric® suite, a framework of innovative clinical and business solutions and services, supports integrated, coordinated delivery of health services across the spectrum of care.

Netsmart’s HIT Value Model™ metric, a vendor-agnostic planning and measurement system, provides a path for human services organizations to evaluate where on the healthcare IT spectrum they should focus their efforts, the value associated with that strategic decision and a comparison with peer organizations nationwide.

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