Netsmart in the News

12 FEB 2019

Telehealth platform to launch

( McKnight's Long-Term Care News )

In other American Well news, the company announced a partnership with Netsmart.

05 DEC 2018

Post-acute providers discovering ways to bring better data to partnerships

( McKnight's Long-Term Care News )

The skilled nursing side of the post-acute care industry has worked hard in recent years to shed its outlier image among other sectors of healthcare. Under the evolving landscape of reform, it’s beginning to be recognized as a necessary partner in collaborative efforts to improve patient care.

06 NOV 2018

Tech Capabilities In An Era Of Integration & Value

( Open Minds )

Most specialty provider organization executive teams are looking at the twin challenges of retooling their services lines for success in a market moving toward integrated care coordination and value-based reimbursement. The question is what does this mean for the technology infrastructure of these organizations?

17 OCT 2018

IT Touches Everything

( Open Minds )

At one point, technology was the domain of the billing department. But, as Scott Green, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Behavioral Health at Netsmart explained, in the current environment, technology is an essential ingredient in creating “value” across the organization. Or put another way—”IT touches everything.”

10 OCT 2018

Lutheran Senior Services partners with interoperability framework

( McKnight's Long-Term Care News )

Lutheran Senior Services is the nation’s first senior living organization to exchange bidirectional clinical data with local acute care partner, SMM Health, through the Carequality interoperability framework, Netsmart announced.

17 SEP 2018

Finding The Right EHR Partner To Bring Your Strategy To Life

( Open Minds )

For many provider organizations, selecting an electronic health record (EHR) is a major task that involves nearly all staff members, takes a large amount of time and money, and requires an examination of both current business practices and future strategies. To optimize this process, it is imperative to work with an EHR partner who is aligned with your organization’s mission and goals, and is ready to be a full partner to make your strategy a reality.

07 SEP 2018

Table of Experts: Employee Mental Wellness

( Kansas City Business Journal )

The Kansas City Business Journal recently gathered area experts to discuss the importance of employee mental well being and practical strategies for creating a workplace culture that enhances employees’ overall health — physical and mental.

05 SEP 2018

Tech-policy junction

( McKnight's Long-Term Care News )

The government has long agreed that interoperability is beneficial to providers. But some in long-term care are unaware of some significant changes that Congress and other agencies have made to promote the electronic exchange of data.

05 SEP 2018

DEL-ivering the goods

( McKnight's Long-Term Care News )

While it's not one of the flashiest acronyms in letter-happy healthcare, the so-called “data element library,” or DEL, has a lot of people in long-term care buzzing.

08 JUL 2018

Tech Roundup: Netsmart Finalizes Change Healthcare Acquisition

( Home Health Care News )

Netsmart, one of the largest providers of behavioral health electronic health records (EHRs) in the United States, has finalized its acquisition of the home care and hospice solutions of Change Healthcare, formerly known as McKesson Homecare and McKesson Hospice.

14 JUN 2018

Best Companies to Work For 2018

( Ingram's )

The common threads among these diverse honorees involve not what they pay to their staffs, but the investments they are making in those employees.

08 JUN 2018

Grow census through electronic referral management

( McKnight's Long-Term Care News )

It's no secret that the competition for referrals is quickly heating up. Provider organizations are looking for every competitive advantage to lock in their position as a preferred referral partner as networks continue to narrow.

12 MAY 2018

Just getting started

( McKnight's Senior Living )

As Netsmart marketing executive Jeremy Mercer puts it, technology adoption in long-term care is a story of how providers and owner-operators are holistically adopting technologies to drive efficiencies, provide a safe and secure environment, and stay competitive.

26 APR 2018

The Three Latest McKesson Moves

( Home Care Magazine )

In the coming months, McKesson is expected to release Change Healthcare, formerly known as McKesson Homecare and McKesson Hospice, to Netsmart.

26 APR 2018

Netsmart Palliative Care Earns ONC 2015 Edition Health IT Certification

( EHR Intelligence )

Netsmart recently announced its palliative care solution within its myUnity EHR platform has earned ONC 2015 edition health IT certification. Netsmart’s solution is the first to earn ONC 2015 edition certification specifically for palliative care.

25 APR 2018

ONC certifies 1st EHR solution for palliative care

( Becker's Health IT and CIO Report )

Netsmart's myAvatar EHR achieved certification under ONC's 2015 edition health IT product criteria, the post-acute technology and services provider confirmed April 23.

23 APR 2018

Netsmart EHR Certified for Palliative Care

( Home Care Magazine )

Netsmart today announced it has received the first ONC-Health IT 2015 Edition Certified solution specifically for palliative care. The palliative care solution within the myUnity platform is powered by myAvatar.

12 APR 2018

Netsmart introduces EHR platform for senior living

( McKnight's Senior Living )

Netsmart has introduced a new cloud-based electronic health record platform, called myUnity, that is designed to help integrate senior living communities and at-home care providers into the overall healthcare system to improve health outcomes and increase their value as referral partners.

11 APR 2018

Netsmart Launches EHR for Senior Living Continuum of Care

( Senior Housing News )

Netsmart recently announced a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) platform called myUnity, which is designed to serve the entire care continuum of care at senior housing providers and at home.

09 APR 2018

Netsmart Announces Next Generation Platform

( Healthcare at Home: The Rowan Technology Report )

Today Netsmart officially announced a cloud-based comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) platform called myUnity™, that will serve the entire care continuum of care at home and senior living providers. The platform is the next step in the Netsmart strategy to support and integrate the entire care at home and senior living ecosystems with all of healthcare.

09 APR 2018

Netsmart in the works to acquire Change Healthcare

( iAdvance Senior Care )

According to Modern Healthcare, the Netsmart acquisition of Change Healthcare would give Overland Park, Kan.-based Netsmart "deep domain knowledge," Netsmart CEO Mike Valentine wrote in a news release. The company specializes in electronic health records, health information exchange and analytics.

08 APR 2018

Must-Read News

( Home Health Care News )

Netsmart, the nation’s largest provider of behavioral health electronic health records (EHRs) announced it was acquiring the home care and hospice solutions of Change Healthcare, formerly known as McKesson Homecare and McKesson Hospice.

02 APR 2018

Are you part of the 18%?

( McKnight's Long-Term Care News )

As value-based reimbursement models continue to gain traction, senior living care providers need to deepen their electronic connections to health systems and other care providers or risk losing opportunities for growth. Here's why...

02 MAR 2018

Providers access behavioral health data through Carequality

( Health Data Management )

Mental Health Center of Denver is securely sharing behavioral health data with local physicians when patients explicitly consent, in an attempt to improve the coordination of care and build a person-centric approach between behavioral, primary care and ancillary providers.

23 FEB 2018

What Is Connected Care?

( HomeCare Magazine )

Connected care is not a new concept, but how care connects keeps changing. Three common terms currently stand out: interoperability, remote patient monitoring and telehealth.

18 FEB 2018

Netsmart & American Well Create A Virtual Health Community

( Open Minds )

On January 9, 2018, Netsmart and American Well announced a partnership that will connect the two entities' networks to create a virtual health community serving behavioral health, social services and post-acute care provider organizations. The rollout of this telehealth network to Netsmart clients will begin in the second quarter of 2018.

08 FEB 2018

E-prescribing grows up

( McKnight's )

As far as new technology goes, e-prescribing is old hat. But in a cash-strapped industry inundated by regulatory change and data-collection efforts, it's not necessarily a familiar one.

05 FEB 2018

A potential technology partner should be a good match for your mission

( HomeCare Magazine )

As the health care ecosystem continues to change, homecare providers are being asked to play larger and more strategic roles in care delivery. You need a robust electronic health record (EHR)—and much more—to capitalize on these expanding opportunities. If you are considering working with an EHR, here are five questions to ask.

12 JAN 2018

13 most interesting health IT partnerships this week

( Becker's Health IT & CIO Review )

Hospitals and health systems teamed up with health IT companies, startups and telehealth organizations this week to develop new initiatives, technologies and innovative projects.

11 JAN 2018

People with addiction issues should be able to control their own health data

( The Hill )

Much of the discussion about the concurrent opioid and suicide epidemic in our nation centers on the need for increased funding and resources. However, another major hurdle we face involves decades-old federal health record privacy regulations containing complicated, cumbersome consent requirements that discriminate against and endanger people with a substance use disorder (SUD) or history of SUD treatment.

10 JAN 2018

Telehealth partnership announced

( McKnight's )

Netsmart and American Well have announced a technology partnership to connect their respective networks.

09 JAN 2018

Netsmart partnership brings virtual doctors' visits to more patients

( Kansas City Business Journal )

Netsmart will bring virtual doctors' visits to its network of providers thanks to a partnership with Boston-based telehealth company American Well. The partnership will boost the companies' combined networks to more than 25,000 organizations and 200 million health care consumers, according to a Tuesday announcement.

08 JAN 2018

An IT game changer

( McKnight's )

Five years ago, most healthcare providers were painfully aware they had problems with residents heading back to the hospital, but few were addressing the issue. Today, regulatory reform has put rehospitalization rates higher on the list of battles to be waged.

20 DEC 2017

EHR Adoption in LTPAC Trails Other Health Settings

( LeadingAge )

Adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) and health data exchange among inpatient post-acute providers is tracking far behind other health care settings: Only 19% exchanged data in the fourth quarter of 2017, according to a recent Black Book survey of long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) providers.

14 DEC 2017

How Do We Automate Population Health Management?

( Open Minds )

“Pop health is still a pretty manual process. Having a dedicated solution, let alone a dedicated analytics platform, to address pop health is not as widespread as one might think.”- Brendan FitzGerald, Research Director at HIMSS Analytics

13 NOV 2017

Netsmart leads Black Book list of top IT vendors for long-term and post-acute care

( Healthcare IT News )

For study, Black Book polled more than 2,000 LTPAC organizations – including nursing homes, short-term rehabilitation facilities, home health services, skilled nursing sites, sub-acute care facilities, and hospices – and asked how they're doing with EHR adoption, health information exchange, quality reporting, analytics, care coordination patient engagement and more.

20 SEP 2017

More providers look to use social determinants of health in treatment

( Health Data Management )

When Mental Health Center of Denver first launched an illness management program, it began by sending treatment data back to the patients, detailing their progress toward recovery, using as a basis the information contained on patient and therapist surveys. Patients received reports every three months, and the therapy center hoped the additional information would spark new conversations between patients and therapists.

06 SEP 2017

Customers come first

( McKnight's Long-Term Care News )

Residents are at the center of the long-term care business model. They are the “customers” in the industry. So what would long-term care be without enough customers?

22 AUG 2017

MeHI Grants Aim to Improve Electronic Reporting of Child Behavioral Health Data

( Massachusetts eHealth Institute )

MeHI at MassTech has awarded nearly $200,000 to four qualified electronic health record (EHR) vendors to build efficient pathways for Massachusetts behavioral health providers to electronically submit reportable data to the Commonwealth’s Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI).

14 AUG 2017

These are Senior Living Providers’ Favorite Vendors

( Senior Housing News )

The vast majority of senior living providers rely, in some way or another, on outsourcing—whether that means tapping other companies to provide their ancillary services or using medical record software from third-party providers.

09 AUG 2017

Health Care Technology Provider Partners with New York Health Service

( Home Health Care News )

Netsmart, a health care technology company, partnered with Jefferson County New York Public Health Service (JCPHS) to foster stronger communication between home health providers and HealtheConnections, a New York regional health information organization.

31 JUL 2017

Netsmart Stretching Deeper into the Home Health Care Sector

( Home Care Daily )

Netsmart is now making its presence known within the home care and hospice sector through its recent acquisition of DeVero, one of the fastest growing software-as-a-service solutions in home healthcare.

19 JUL 2017

Netsmart Acquires DeVero

( I Advance Senior Care )

Netsmart has acquired DeVero, a healthcare technology company that specializes in home healthcare and hospice.

19 JUL 2017

Netsmart’s Acquisition of DeVero to Help Kindred Initiatives

( Home Health Care News )

Netsmart, an Overland Park, Kansas-based provider of electronic health records (EHR), data analytics and other technology services, today announced it acquired DeVero, a technology company that specializes in home health and hospice.

18 MAY 2017

Netsmart Maintains Rapid Growth With National EHR Deal

( Kansas City Business Journal )

Since Netsmart moved from New York to Overland Park, the health care IT company has bolstered its business with growth rates exceeding 20 percent. They have found its strength in serving clients outside sprawling hospital systems, such as behavioral health, long-term care and family services programs.

05 APR 2017

Tumblers in Place

( McKnight's )

Falls, resident altercations and elopements that require interaction with local or state authorities have been reported in triplicate or recorded in basic electronic health record systems without getting much second thought. But quickly evolving technology can help providers analyze data, spot patterns and create better risk management plans.

15 MAR 2017

Making the Most of Electronic Health Records

( Leading Age Magazine )

Long-term care providers are finding electronic health records (EHRs) can do more than keep track of basic resident information, and those increasing their electronic functionality can improve outcomes, earn more revenue and connect with others in the care continuum.

28 SEP 2016

Netsmart Sets High Goals for Peer Mental Health Training

( Kansas City Business Journal )

Netsmart has announced a new goal to certify 90 percent of its associates through the National Council for Behavioral Health’s Mental Health First Aid training. The company is the first in the U.S. to offer it to employees internally.

14 SEP 2016

Netsmart Urges Senate Passage of Comprehensive Mental Health Bill

( Home Care Technology Report )

Netsmart and the Behavioral Health IT Coalition support passage of the so-called "Integrating Behavioral Health Through Technology Act" (S. 2691), sponsored by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I. This measure would create a $250 million, five-state pilot program with health information technology financial incentives for psychiatric hospitals, community mental health centers, social workers, psychologists and addiction treatment providers.

17 AUG 2016

New Health Information Exchange Service Goes Live

( Health Data Management )

Following a sizable soft launch throughout July, the Carequality network now is live, with 13 participating vendors that offer HIE services including Netsmart.

15 AUG 2016

Netsmart Homecare Announces New SVP

( Home Health Care News )

Netsmart Homecare, a human services and integrated care technology provider, announced Dawn Iddings as its new senior vice president and general manager.

20 APR 2016

Netsmart closes $950M venture

( Biz Journals )

The transaction establishes Netsmart as the largest human services and post-acute technology provider in healthcare.

19 APR 2016

Allscripts (MDRX) Announces Closure of Netsmart Deal

( Street Insider )

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions announced a joint venture with private equity firm GI Partners to merge with Netsmart Technologies, Inc.As part of the venture, Allscripts Homecare business will merge with Netsmart CareFabrics form the largest technology company solely focused on human services and post-acute care with more than $250 million in annual revenue and more than $60 million in annual operating income.

23 MAR 2016

Allscripts, Netsmart form $250M human services and PAC tech company

( Long-Term Living )

As part of the venture, Allscripts Homecare business will merge with Netsmart CareFabrics form the largest technology company solely focused on human services and post-acute care with more than $250 million in annual revenue and more than $60 million in annual operating income...

23 MAR 2016

Allscripts is buying stake in Netsmart Technologies

( Modern Healthcare )

The deal is expected to boost Netsmart’s IT capabilities as changes to privacy laws that could open up the flow of records from behavioral healthcare providers are being considered..

15 MAR 2016

Untraditional community partnerships will become part of CCBHC process

( Mental Health Weekly )

As states awarded planning grants to integrate behavioral health with physical health care gear up to potentially become one of eight Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) this fall, they may find opportunities to partner with other organizations to provide specialty required services. Netsmart’s Ian Chuang offers insights.

08 MAR 2016

Beyond Siri: Netsmart introduces voice in health IT

( Kansas City Business Journal )

The Overland Park-based company has teamed up with M*Modal Inc. to integrate its FluencyDirect services, a cloud-based speech recognition solution, into its behavioral health electronic health records.

06 MAR 2016

Getting Primary Care at the Doctor's Office

( The Atlantic )

People with severe mental illnesses are more likely to die prematurely than those without, and it’s often from treatable chronic diseases—in part because many don’t receive regular medical care.

03 MAR 2016

Bridging the Gap Between Medical and Mental Health Care

( KHN- Kaiser Health News )

People with severe mental illnesses are more likely to die prematurely than those without, and it’s often from treatable chronic diseases — in part because many don’t receive regular medical care.

25 FEB 2016

HEALTH: Bridging the Gap Between Medical, Mental Health Care

( Press Enterprise (Riverside, CA) )

People with severe mental illnesses are more likely to die prematurely than those without, and it’s often from treatable chronic diseases — in part because many don’t receive regular medical care.

23 FEB 2016

Bridging the Gap Between Medical and Mental Health Care

( California Healthline )

People with severe mental illnesses are more likely to die prematurely than those without, and it’s often from treatable chronic diseases — in part because many don’t receive regular medical care.

19 OCT 2015

Sharply divided field awaits rulemaking on revising 42 CFR Part 2

( Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly )

Netsmart’s Kevin Scalia quoted on need to update burdensome consent process for sharing addition treatment records with providers in HIEs, Health Homes and other new care models, while still protecting patient privacy

08 OCT 2015

KC Tech, Healthcare Companies Team Up for Good

( Kansas City Business Journal )

Netsmart and Kansas City-based Cornerstones of Care are embedding their companies into each others’ day-to-day routines, replacing previous project-by-project collaboration

06 OCT 2015

Update Patient Consent

( Politico Pro )

Netsmart’s Kevin Scalia stresses that the patient consent process can be streamlined without infringing on patient privacy

12 AUG 2015

The Benefits of Dance Therapy

( KC Live )

Netsmart’s Ian Chuang conceptualizes pilot program that brings dance (via the Kansas School of Classical Ballet) to you at KVC Prairie Ridge Children’s Psychiatric Hospital

12 MAY 2015

New Directions receives grant

( Lockport Union-Sun & Journal )

New Directions Youth and Family Services will use technology grant to implement Netsmart CareRecord EHR

11 MAY 2015

Netsmart's Kevin Scalia on WBBM

( WBBM Chicago )

Netsmart EVP Kevin Scalia talks with Chicago's WBBM about the HIMSS conference and the future of healthcare

05 DEC 2014

IT Group Calls for EHR Incentives for Behavioral Health

( Behavioral Healthcare Magazine )

The Behavioral Health IT Coalition, of which Netsmart is a founding member, addresses members of the U.S. Senate on the importance of interoperability to mental health and substance abuse treatment

21 NOV 2014

Coalition Site Outlines IT Policy Priorities

( Behavioral Healthcare Magazine )

The Behavioral Health IT Coalition prepares to address congress on the importance of interoperability incentives for mental health and substance abuse treatment providers

31 AUG 2014

Connecting Healthcare Data Dots

( National Council for Behavioral Health magazine )

Articles on pages 62 and 84 about how four innovative Netsmart clients (Tarzana, Henderson, Red Rock and YESS) are improving lives with Netsmart CareRecord (EHR) and care coordination solutions

23 AUG 2014

Ten Trends Driving the Future of Healthcare

( National Association of County Behavioral Health and Disability Directors newsletter )

Article by Kevin Scalia, Netsmart Exec. VP, about some key trends in the new healthcare landscape (page 8)

13 AUG 2014

Zero Suicide

( KDKA-AM, Pittsburgh )

Suicide can be a "zero event." Netsmart Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Dennis Morrison shares insights

27 JAN 2014

Clinical Data-Sharing Effort to Bridge BH, Physical Care Gap

( Mental Health Weekly )

Extensive article (page 3) about Netsmart’s collaboration with Epic to accelerate clinical information interoperability between physical and behavioral health providers. Note: the article incorrectly identifies Epic as the Electronic Privacy Information Center, when in fact it is Epic (

31 OCT 2013

At The Speed Of Disruption

( )

Disruptive innovation in mental health includes the "infomated" consumer and genomics. Summary of Dennis Morrison, Ph.D., Netsmart Chief Clinical Officer, address at OPEN MINDS 2013 Technology & Informatics Institute.

04 OCT 2013

Best Places to Work: Netsmart

( Kansas City Business Journal )

More about Netsmart -- Vision driven, cause connected, passionate about our opportunity and obligation

05 SEP 2013

Moving Beyond the EHR

( )

Innovations in EHRs include "Points of View" for easier, more targeted data use by clinicians, says Bill Connors, MSW, Netsmart Senior VP and GM, Beh. Healthcare.

16 AUG 2013

2013 Best Places to Work in Kansas City

( Kansas City Business Journal )

Netsmart honored among the best! Based on Netsmart associate comments about company culture, work environment and other factors

11 JAN 2013

( )

Cover story highlighting how Netsmart's growth and success has led to an aggressive campus recruiting program to help hit hiring goals. (Seen on Page 1)

05 JAN 2013

Seminar Highlights Online Opportunities

( )

Netsmart EVP Kevin Scalia and Chief Clinical Office Dennis Morrison, Ph.D., gave a keynote presentation at the Ireland Health Service Executive's Mental Health and Information Technology conference. (Seen on Page 2)

14 SEP 2012

Netsmart outlines “EHR-agnostic” knowledge platform

( Article by Dennis Grantham, Editor-in-Chief- Behavioral Healthcare Magazine )

Feature article about Netsmart's plans for innovative cloud-based service that will help transform care through use of benchmarking and predictive analytics

07 SEP 2012

Netsmart Named One of 2012's Best Places to Work in Kansas City

( Article by Suzanna Stagemeyer - Associate Editor-Online Content- Kansas City Business Journal )

Each year, the Kansas City Business Journal names the area's Best Places to Work based on input from the people who know best - the employees. They rate their companies based on team/manager effectiveness, retention probability, work engagement and whether they feel valued.

01 AUG 2012

Beyond Evidence Based Research

( Interview with Denny Morrison )

How can behavioral health translate massive amounts of data into clinical best practices more quickly? Denny Morrison, Ph.D., Netsmart's chief clinical officer, talks about the concept of practice-based evidence in this interview in the OPEN MINDS Management Newsletter, September 2012.

17 JAN 2012

Netsmart appoints Morrison as first 'chief clinical officer'

( Article/interview with Denny Morrisonby Dennis Grantham, Editor-in-Chief )

Already a major provider of electronic health record and related technology to the behavioral healthcare industry, Netsmart Technologies signaled its desire to speak with a more influential voice on “the clinical side” of the industry by appointing Dennis “Denny” Morrison, Ph.D., former CEO of Centerstone Research Institute (Bloomington, Ind.), as its first “Chief Clinical Officer.”