Going Beyond Meaningful Use: 5 Questions That Will Shape the Future of Health Care

Meaningful Use (MU), introduced in 2011, is often referenced by the financial benefits it could reward some participants. However, the goal of MU is to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of services and care while reducing disparities. The program also encourages increased client engagement, promotes public and population health, leverages care coordination and enhances the privacy and security of client information.

MU challenges providers to answer five questions that will shape the future of health care. As you consider your organization’s health care IT strategy, MU certification should be the bare minimum requirement. Your answers to these questions will help you assess what your next health care IT move should be.

Are my clients active participants in their care?

The health care industry is in the midst of a retail transformation, with clients demanding more health care information and choices so they can determine with their providers what options best meet their needs.

Netsmart Solution: CarePointe™

CarePointe™: Patient engagement software solutions and tools for care providers including:

  • myHealthPointe.kiosk™, our mobile kiosk arming clinicians with the information they need to have meaningful discussions with clients during their visits;
  • myHealthPointe.portal™, our consumer portal leveraging mobility and technology to create opportunities and touch points with clients, driving them to manage their care;
  • And myHealthPointe.mobile (coming soon!), our consumer phone application bringing all of the benefits of myHealthPointe to clients’ iPhone® and Android® cellular phones.

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Are my clinicians able to coordinate care beyond our walls?

Gaining full visibility into the care that an individual receives – wherever they receive that care, within your four walls or in other facilities – is becoming increasingly relevant. The goal of whole-person care can only be achieved when providers are connected with one another and sharing relevant data.

Netsmart Solutions: CareManager™, Primary Care Module

CareManager™: Aggregates clinical data to provide a broad picture at the population level, facilitates care coordination across providers, tracks clinical quality measures and outcomes and manages authorizations and claims across care providers.

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Primary Care Module: Addresses current gaps within multi-modality settings by allowing providers to significantly improve outcomes for those living with serious mental illnesses. One can document chief and secondary complaints, family history, collect vitals, update allergies, and easily do a review of systems or physical exam.

Is the best possible clinical intervention being provided at the point of care?

Modern health care information technology should help get the right information to the right people, through the right channels, in the right information formats, at the right points in the workflow.

Netsmart Solution: CareGuidance™

CareGuidance: Provides information to clinicians through alerts, notifications, reminders, and access to evidence-based content at the point of action.

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Am I able to identify actionable information that will help me improve outcomes, reduce costs, and demonstrate outcome trending?

Improving health care value is a challenge central to the U.S. health system. Care and efficiency can both be advanced through monitoring of services and making measureable improvements over time.

Netsmart Solution: CarePathways™ Benchmarking,

Benchmarking: Helps clients understand their organization's strengths and opportunities for improvement compared to similar organizations regionally and nationally.

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Enlighten Analytics: Brings advanced business intelligence tools used by leading Fortune 500 corporations to health and human services organizations in an easy-to-use, interactive tool that transforms financial, operational and clinical data into functional, insightful information.

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Do my providers have a full picture of an individual’s care?

In recent years, health care leaders have recognized the connection between mind and body in client care. Coordinated efforts bring together medical and behavioral health providers to detect, treat and follow-up behavioral and physical disorders in the most appropriate settings.

Netsmart Solution: CareConnect™

CareConnect™: Bridges an organization with providers, hospitals, physicians, Health Information Exchanges (HIE) and integrated delivery networks with the goal of improving efficiencies and reducing the cost of health care.

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