Improving Accountability Hinges On A Connected, Integrated Healthcare Network

To survive in the evolving healthcare eco-system, connectivity and integration are essential. In order to better treat the ‘whole person’, clinicians need access to the right information, in the right place, and at the right time. To provide the best possible care plan, and to achieve positive outcomes, sharing information and integrating primary care is a must. In addition, providers who choose to become health homes must not only connect with other organizations and share patient data, but they must be able to coordinate and manage their consumers’ care plans and billing across multiple providers.

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Care coordination goes beyond coordinating care within your own organization. It means involving other providers and the consumer themselves. Connecting the physical healthcare world with the behavioral health world is a must when striving for accountable care and reaching the goal of treating both the mind and the body. With the creation of health homes coordinating care across the full spectrum of providers to better treat consumer populations, it´s now vital for organizations to connect and share consumer data. Our CareConnect™ and CareManager™ solutions help you coordinate a consumer´s care, as well as connect to other caregivers, labs, etc. And, they are solution agnostic, so they work whether or not you have a Netsmart EHR.