Delivering Accountable Care Through Innovation, Coordination & Efficiency

As a provider, you’re challenged to deliver person-centered, cost-effective, outcomes-based care in a healthcare system increasingly focused on accountable care. At the same time, healthcare reform is driving unprecedented change in all aspects of the healthcare ecosystem, with fewer resources to meet increasing demands for services. While this may seem daunting, we believe taking a step-by-step approach makes this process more manageable.

Delivering accountable care can be broken down into three categories:

Clinical Innovation:

Enables you to have standardized and consistent internal processes, which lays the groundwork for documenting improved outcomes. It also provides increased access to consumer information and clinical decision support, through electronic health records and medication management.

Care Coordination:

Connects you with other organizations and HIEs to enable sharing of consumer data and coordination and management of care plans across multiple providers.

Business Efficiency:

Provides methods to streamline business processes and reduce costs.