Impact of CareRecords™ (EHRs)

Virginia’s Western Tidewater Community Services Board partners with Netsmart for increased care coordination

  • Working with Netsmart, WTCSB is using CareConnect™ to interface with Eceptionist’s Virginia, a leader in the telehealth technology and communication industry. The goal: increased information exchange, greater flexibility in care and lower costs.
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Intermountain Brings Programs Together, Streamlines Processes With myEvolv™

  • Intermountain was able to bring on 90% of their programs immediately and the other 10% in the first 60 days. All the streamlining freed up their team allowing them to focus on providing care to people and not paper.
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MBCHD & CARS Use myAvatar EHR to Facilitate Care for 6,000 Patients

  • ROI: Minimized errors and claims denials, standardized patient documentation process to streamline workflow and eliminated paper records.
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Henderson Behavioral Health Finds Efficiencies, Savings with EHR

Gracepoint Goes "All In" with EHR

Serving Consumers Better – Period.

  • Community mental health of Ottawa County saves time, money and enhances consumer satisfaction and outcomes with Netsmart's CareRecord™
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Walker Meets Complex Reporting Requirements

  • ROI: 2% increase in annual revenue while maintaining staff levels
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Rosecrance Uses Netsmart CareRecord™ to Enhance Client Recovery

  • Rosecrance spent six months working closely with Netsmart to automate and integrate the Illinois Medicaid billing and registration form. The ROI has been immediately apparent.
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Rebekah Children’s Services Makes an Impression

  • ROI: 50% reduction in late service data entries in the first month and put $92,000 into accounts receivable a month faster.
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Washoe County Health District Works Smarter with EHR

  • ROI: Saved 80% of collective billing time and reduced input errors by more than 1,700
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Walla Walla Replaces Paper with Productivity with EHR

  • ROI: Reduced errors by more than 50%, pre-admission time reduced, and inventory accuracy saves 10 hour per week
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Ability Beyond helps three-fold more people with disabilities live full and rewarding lives with myEvolv

Hathaway-Sycamores Upgrades EHR in 90 Days To Improve Access, Care and the Bottom Line


State of Illinois Speeds Up Vital Records Process

The Guidance Center does More with Less

  • ROI: Collected more than 92% of billables since 2004 for an additional $2 million in revenue
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Kern County Increases Private Billing Collections 10x

  • ROI: Went from $42,000 in private billing collections to almost $500,000 in a six-month time frame
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Beacon Light Improves Their Billing Challenges

  • ROI: Claim turnaround has dropped and reduced time spent on claim’s denials to 30 minutes per claim instead of weeks/months
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Clients Benefit from ICD-10 Readiness

  • Driven by their clients’ desire to provide uninterrupted care, Netsmart has been working with a number of provider organizations to help them make the switch to ICD-10 before Oct. 1, 2015.
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L.A. County CareRecord™ implementation moves largest local mental health community toward more coordinated care

  • Implementation leads to greater accountability, increased efficiency and better consumer care.
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