Software and Technology Solutions for the Public Health Community

The current state of healthcare is filled with change and is significantly evolving. And, with change comes opportunity. The innovations in the Affordable Care Act are about managing populations and preventing disease. This is your core competency. We’re here to help you leverage that competency in the evolving healthcare ecosystem. Because we partner with more public health organizations across both local and state levels than any other company, we understand your upcoming journey. Together we share a vision of helping the U.S. population lead healthy lives.

To facilitate your mission, we have solutions and services to provide a platform which manage core public health functions, like:

If you’re looking for software solutions to optimize your current operations for your population, we’re ready to partner with you. Our CareRecords™ (electronic health record) meet your current needs while preparing your organization with the technology it needs for the future…all while increasing efficiencies and improving outcomes.

The objectives for our partnerships with public health departments are pretty simple:

  • Prevention:

    Our solutions meet your needs, ensure consumer safety, and optimize outcomes
  • Promotion:

    The right information to your patients to engage them in their care…at the right place, and at the right time…supporting your department to promote the healthy behaviors within your community
  • Protection:

    Operational tools for your department…allowing you to focus more on improving lives and less on operations while seamlessly connecting to healthcare providers

Most importantly, our relationship with you is bigger than a transaction, more than a support-only relationship. It’s about a common alignment to serve the population health and management community.

For more information on how we are uniquely positioned to partner with your organization in the era of an ever-changing healthcare ecosystem, please contact us.