Hospice Care Solutions with you in mind!

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The Netsmart Homecare solution is designed to help manage your hospice care business through automating processes from patient intake to billing and account receivables. Netsmart Homecare integrates with the full CareFabric® suite of solutions and services including CareConnect®, CareManager®, CarePathways® and Plexus® providing you with a robust set of solutions.

Hospice Specific Features

Netsmart Homecare has several features built into our solution to assist with the specific needs of the hospice community including bereavement assessments and services functionality, risk scores for the bereaved and bereavement communication. Our Hospice Pharmacia (HP) interface simplifies and improves medication management for hospice organizations and decreases prescription errors. The HP interface enables payers, other third party payer and self-pay. Customized billing and billing cycle automation are also included.

Real-time access

Our homecare EHR provides instant access to healthcare plans, patient demographics, medication and other relevant clinical information at the point of care. Updates are made in real-time providing accurate data at the point of service.

Homecare’s powerful database and graphic tools enable you to create custom care plans that increase efficiency and enhance quality of care. OASIS reporting enables you to document quality and outcomes for regulatory agencies and insurance carriers.

Comprehensive Scheduling

Simplify scheduling of tasks, resources, clinicians and other personnel based on availability, qualifications and skills. Segment various lines of business, with consolidated roll-up reporting at the corporate level.

For more information on how Netsmart Homecare is uniquely positioned to partner with your home care organization, please contact us.