Community-based Providers

Proven Technology for Behavioral Health

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The behavioral health landscape is changing and, as a community-based provider, you’re challenged to change with it. Netsmart has the solutions and services to help you with clinical workflow designed for behavioral health, technology to provide and coordinate services beyond your four walls, and tools to improve billing and simplify the claims process.

Scheduling and Workflow for Behavioral Health

Our EHR has built-in support for key components of care, including group appointments, long-term episodes of care, and tracking and documenting fidelity to evidence-based practices. The result: Caseworkers and clinicians can focus on providing care instead of figuring out how to handle tasks your EHR wasn’t designed for.

Consumer Engagement and Mobile Services

Netsmart technology connects individuals to their treatment through a user-friendly, secure portal that seamlessly integrates with your EHR. Mobile EHR functionality ensures consumers have easy access to required services and clinicians have secure access to documentation anywhere and any time they need it.

Care Coordination and Interoperability

Netsmart care coordination tracks clinical measures and outcomes and allows you to view claims across care providers, supporting participation in health homes, accountable care organizations (ACOs) and Certified Community Behavioral Clinics (CCBHCs) model programs. We also offer true interoperability to connect you with providers, hospitals, physicians and health information exchanges (HIEs).

Support for Claims and Billing Processes

Billing functionality is seamlessly integrated into Netsmart EHRs, so everyone in your organization is using the same system for clinical documentation, scheduling, reporting and claims. Features includes managing complex billing requirements for long-term, intensive episodes of care, including wrap-around services and Medicare pharmacy billing. They also streamline utilization management, eligibility verification and tracking with role-based dashboards. We also offer revenue cycle management services to help streamline claims processes and improve the bottom line.

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