EHR for Medication-assisted Addiction Treatment

Simplify Reporting and Processes, Enhance Compliance

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Increased use of opiates and heroin has resulted in rising numbers of people seeking care and support for addiction from treatment providers. Netsmart helps you get rid of paper, centralize all care delivery and dispensing data within one record, so you can stretch existing resources and treat more people.

Electronically Dispense Meds and Track Inventory

Our solution presents positive identification of clients and electronically dispenses medication such as Methadone and Buprenorphine quickly and efficiently. It allows for compliant, fast and orderly management of the dosing station by tracking spills, errors and dispensing, and providing reporting that support compliance with existing regulations and laws. We recognize your business is fast moving and our solution was built to meet your needs.

Compliance, Care Tracking and Billing

Clinicians can manage and monitor clients through referral, intake and counseling with user-friendly tools. The solution complies with state regulations, privacy requirements and FDA guidelines, and offers self-pay and third-party billing options.

Connected to Your Community

At Netsmart, we recognize the challenge of providing care to persons suffering from addiction. As the human services landscape changes, our long-standing commitment to your community remains the same: We will continue developing solutions that help you improve the quality of life of those you serve.

For more information on how we are uniquely positioned to partner with your organization in the era of an ever-changing healthcare ecosystem, please contact us.