Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitals

Proven Technology for Inpatient Behavioral Care

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Providers of inpatient psychiatric care are challenged to care for an increasing number of patients, including those with serious and persistent mental illnesses, while resources and the number of beds available continue to shrink. Our solutions and services can stretch resources, ensure smooth transition to appropriate care and improve outcomes.

Closed-loop Medication Management

Our suite of solutions support the entire closed-loop medication management process including order entry, pharmacy verification and dispensing, integration with automated dispensing machines (ADM) and an electronic medication record that includes five rights support. It also supports inventory management, cost accounting and accurate billing including Medicare Part D requirements for those organizations that require it. The solution accommodates both on- and off-premise pharmacies and alerts on premise pharmacists of drug and allergy interactions, and provides patient-specific dosing recommendations.

Simplified Transitions of Care

Netsmart behavioral health EHR gives you a comprehensive view of each patient with a single solution that covers the entire cycle of treatment: from intake and assessment through discharge and step-down to outpatient or residential care. A robust set of features supports roles throughout your organization: admissions staff, clinicians, administration and executive management. After discharge, our care coordination and consumer engagement technology improves outcomes by integrating treatment with other providers and improving communications with consumers.

Workflow Designed for Behavioral Health

Our EHR has built-in, role-based workflows that allow clinicians to smoothly switch between clients. Specifically developed for behavioral health and addiction treatment, the workflows support scheduling for group appointments, detoxification, creating treatment plans, care team approval and compliance tracking. They also manage automated orders for laboratory tests, diet, and seclusion/restraint.

Compliance and Patient Privacy

Netsmart behavioral health solutions manage consents, establish provider permissions, control the re-disclosure of sensitive information and ensure data is appropriately encrypted for exchange. Our solutions also comply with all provisions of HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2.

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