Chief Executive Officer

Mike Valentine


Mike Valentine sets Netsmart’s vision and strategy. He focuses on meeting the company’s business objectives, securing resources for growth and supporting Netsmart’s mission on behalf of its associates and clients.

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Executive Vice President, Client Organization

Paul Anderson


Paul is responsible for the company’s overall client relationships, including alignment of company and client imperatives, the sharing of information that furthers partner-focused, long-term client relationships, and the establishment and nurturing of our collaborative client community.

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Executive Vice President of Solution Development and Delivery

Michael Brand


Michael is responsible for the development and delivery of our high-quality, innovative software solutions. He and his team work with clients and other key partners to ensure our solutions continue to lead the industry in innovation and overall value.

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Senior Vice President/General Manager, Behavioral Health

Scott Green


Scott Green is senior vice president of the behavioral health business unit. He works closely with the clinical, development and product teams to ensure Netsmart solutions and services align to client and market needs. Doing so allows clients across the human services industry to participate and thrive in emerging models of care.

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Senior Vice President/General Manager, Post-Acute

Dawn Iddings

Dawn Iddings is responsible for managing the continued development of Netsmart Homecare, an industry-leading home health, hospice, palliative care and private duty solution. She also oversees the integration of Homecare with the Netsmart CareFabric® suite of clinical and business solutions.

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Chief Operating Officer

Tom Herzog


Tom is responsible for leading solution and technology strategies; focused on person-centric design to optimize workflow, efficiencies and outcomes. His teams work in collaboration with both clients and partners to deliver comprehensive solutions for the Health and Human Services community.

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Chief Clinical Advisor

Denny Morrison


Dr. Dennis Morrison leads our clinical team in transforming clinical care in behavioral healthcare settings. Morrison focuses on research-based practices and the need for better coordinated and integrated behavioral health and primary care.

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Executive Vice President, Client Experience

Carol Reynolds


Carol and her team are responsible for the delivery and support of innovative solutions to our clients. This includes driving our Client Health Initiative, as well as other areas that affect the client experience, such as solution support, user groups, creating client councils and product management.

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Chief Financial Officer

Tony Ritz

As CFO, Tony is responsible for Netsmart’s financial objectives, results, budget, financial reporting, policies, cash management processes, and strategic direction. He also oversees preparation and filing of the company’s financial statements, as well as provision of company performance and financial information to analysts and the investment community.

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Executive Vice President, Corporate Development

Kevin Scalia


Kevin has executive management responsibility for strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, business development, marketing, and product management. He also manages strategic relationships and new business opportunities, and is responsible for developing alliances with key industry associations. Kevin joined Netsmart in December 2002, and prior to moving to his current position he served as vice president of operations.

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Senior Vice President, Client Development

Greg Travis

Greg Travis is responsible for the company’s overall new client relationships at Netsmart. His team works with potential clients focusing on understanding needs and requirements and helping design solutions that optimize value and further client missions.

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